After what they would later decide to call 'the incident', Death was a little fazed. This was unprecedented. For a while he just sat there and so, for a while, Life was left to his own devices, and life was good.

But Death was made of tough stuff, and he knew he had a job to do.

"Let's go," he said decisively. Life had already made his first move, so he moved a pawn forward as well.

And for awhile, things went back to normal. Death knew Life's strategy now; he wouldn't be caught off guard again.

Life lost and lives were lost countless times, and Life began to expect that it would remain this way. It had only been a fluke, what he had done.

But at the end of a particularly average game, Death slipped up.

"Checkmate," he said airily.

Life nearly accepted this; it was a common occurrence, after all.

But then he noticed something wasn't right.

"No," Life said, "that isn't checkmate."

"Of course it is," Death insisted, though he nonetheless took a closer look at the board.

It turned out Life was right. It wasn't checkmate. Life wasn't in check, but couldn't move without going into check either.

"...Stalemate?" they both said in unison.

What had they done?

The End

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