Life's first and final trick.

   "Checkmate," Death growled coldly. "Make that another... Oh i don't know, seven billionth win for me?"

   "Yeah yeah," Life sighed. He was starting to falter as his teacup, having been replenish a countless number of times before, floated, filling up as he thought. He needed a plan. Just once, would he have a trophy to take home, and it was then and there that he got an idea.

   He started collecting his pieces, watching Death's grimey bones of fingers scrape the board  for his.

   "You know," Life said, placing his down in turn. "I'm really starting to get over the fact that you win-- all the time."

   "I don't see how," Death replied. He toyed with his unphased king, which hadn't been moved in eons. "If I were you, I'd get bored of it all. Move on."

   "I can't move on, Death," Life said. "Not when I can finally beat you."

   "As you wish," Death sighed. "You're a very nobel man. A fool, but a nobel man."

   "Just move on with it..."

   And it begun. Life had never put so much thought into his moves; so cunning he had become to his enemy's ways. After countless bouts and centuries of failure... he had a glimmer of hope.

   His heart beat with light as he felt himself begin to sweat. The beads rolled slowly down his soft and perfect skin, but nevertheless he kept his pace.

   A knight for a bishop, a pawn for a pawn. A castle for a castle, and a queen for a queen.

   Death sighed. "I don't remember having such a complex and interesting game with you, Life."

   "The very first had been interesting," Life countered, keeping his train of thought and his strategy seperate. "You weren't such a prick back then."

   "At least I wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, mate," Death sneered.

   It was at that point that everything turned to slow motion. Life ejected his hand towards the board, moving his piece right next to Death's dusty king.

   "Check," Life whispered.

   Death was rattled. He had never felt the word string so sharp against his mind. He moved, defending with a knight, and let out a sigh of relief. "Close, but no--"

   Life smiled and played his final move. A castle by the king, and a victory that would never be had again.

   "Checkmate." The word never felt so good on his lips.

   Death watched for a second as he replayed it over in his mind. Again and again. "This isn't possible..."

   "This isn't possible!" He shouted, slamming his fist on the table.

   Life just sat back, listening to the rants and ravings of Death as he sipped his tea, for without knowing it, he had birthed entity of hope, a force of faith... a God.

The End

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