I had to see her again. There was no other option. This strange girl had burned her image into my head, and I was going to give her a piece of my mind. That morning, because I did not go to school myself, I did a few chores at home before heading over to her school, aiming to get there when they all came out.

Everyone stared at me disapprovingly as they left the gates from the all girls private school. I just mentally scowled at them. 

"Jonah?" Someone called and I snapped my head up, "Jonah. What are you doing here?" Rosie hurried up to me. Many of the girls giggled at my name, I glared at them. 

"I...You..." All my previous anger at her evaporated as soon as I saw her mass of curly brown hair and square glasses.

"Me what?" She bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. 

"You want to go to the park with me for a bit?" I blurted out like some stupid kid in first romance.

"Okay, sure." She smiled and so did I.

The End

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