Pulling my thin jacket tighter round my shoulders, I half ran home. Everything seemed different now Rosie had gone, I didn't even know if I would see her again. I didn't know if she wanted to see me again. That was weird, because I realised that I did want to see her again. It was very unlike me to fall for a girl, I was usually inside myself or closed off in a remote park or something. 

Home for me was a little house on the very outskirts of the town I had been in; the roughest part. I made my way there through back streets littered with drug addicts and over fences designed to keep people like me out. 

Libby was playing in the snow when I trudged through the front garden. She's the second youngest of my seven siblings at age 2. There's eight of us and my two parents. Tessa is only three months old, Felix is four, Connor is five, Lizzy is eight, Jack is ten and Charity is thirteen. My mum, Louise and dad, Frank, work most of the time, but money is always really tight.

"Libby!" Half angrily half fearfully, I grabbed her arm and yanked her inside. She wasn't too cold, so I guessed she hadn't been out there for long. 

"Hey Jonah." Charity called from the kitchen.

I sighed. This was home. Taking care of myself and seven others, trying to keep the house tidy and organised. It was hard. 

"Jonah!" Felix and Connor threw themselves against my legs. Finding myself in a happy mood, I laughed.

"What's up with you?" Charity came in, carrying a huge bowl of pasta for our dinner. 

"Nothing. Why?"

"You just seem really happy, that's all. Dinner everyone!" She called.

There was a huge scramble for the table as everyone charged down from various points in the house. 

The End

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