She looked slightly hurt and settled back in the chair.

I sighed, "I'm sorry. Look, I was in the snow because that way I couldn't feel anything." I felt my eyes set hard in their sockets, it wasn't that I was trying to be mean and imposing, it was just something they did. 

"What do you have to hide from?"

"Just leave it." I shuffled away from her. Who was she? A shrink? 


We were silent. 

People ran for shelter, out of the freezing snow, burdened with shopping bags or young children. 

"Why did you get me anyway?" I broke the lack of words.


"When I was in the snow, why didn't you just leave me?"

"I don't know really. I just, I couldn't exactly leave you in any case. Something inside me told me to get you, so I did." Shrugging her shoulders like it was a regular occurrence, she began drinking her hot chocolate. Meanwhile, I had already drained the last dregs of coffee grains from my paper cup.   

"What school do you go to?" Rosie asked me.

"I don't go to school." I shrugged. Never had done, never would. But I still knew my stuff. I knew about pi, how a cell works and all that crap you learn in school but never really need. 

"Why not?"

"Just don't." I was beginning to get bored of Rosie asking so many questions; I was used to silence and people ignoring me, "You go to school?"

"Yeah. West Ridge."

"The girls' private school?" my eyebrows raised.

"Yeah. my dad owns his own company, he makes quite a bit."

I whistled through my teeth.

"You must be cold now." She swallowed the last of her drink. How had she read my mind? Had I not, two seconds before, thought about how cold I was getting.

"I bit."

"See you then." Half heartedly she waved and left me alone in the snow with nothing but the snowflakes to shield me form the glares of passers by. 

The End

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