Cream and Sugar

Starbucks was packed. as it always was; people milled around indecisively just trying to shelter from the bitter cold or warming up. Suspecting that this was their busiest time of the year, I was very tempted not to have something, just to spite them; I was like that. 

We queued up amongst the coats and scarfs vaguely resembling human beings, already having decided what we would order.

'Hot chocolate and a black coffee." Rosie said.

"With cream and two sugars." I added.

We had to wait another five minutes before our drinks were ready. Because it was so packed in side, we traipsed out side and sat on one of the white wrought iron chairs. I sipped my coffee although it was too hot, but my senses meant nothing to me anymore, I was too far gone for that anymore. 

"Nice?" She asked me.

"Yeah." I flashed my brown eyes up at her.

"How can you bare to drink it so hot?"

"Doesn't hurt." I shrugged, not looking up. 

"Ha. You are strange, Jonah. Why were you in the snow?"

"I just was, okay?" I snapped, it was none of her business.

The End

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