After relieving his urges I pulled his boxers back up and sat on a chair.

"Thanks for that kid, I really needed it."

"Too lazy too wank?" I replied with a sarcastic smile. God I could still taste him. Luckily he had not cum in my mouth but the taste of his dick was still enough to leave me feeling sick.

"You know me, why bark when you've got a dog to bark for you."

"The problem is I don't know you and your lucky I didn't bite."

"Oh harsh, you usually love sucking me off, must be the bang to the head."

"Can you, please, just explain what the fuck is going on here."

"Whatever kid. About three years ago, after I'd just run away from an abusive step-dad who for some reason seemed to prefer my body to my mother's. I mean my body is amazing, come six pack, massive biceps and triceps... what more could you want. But anyway this is your story not mine. So yeah, I ran away from home. The first place I could think to go was the train station where I saw this small, angry, strickingly beautiful, despite the grime, sitting on a bench. So I sat next to you and we started talking. All you said was that you'd escaped from Hell and you were never going back."

At this moment he took a pause, sat beside me and rolled up my sleeves. My arms were covered in red scars. The were torn, battered, bloody and in bits. Some of the cuts were fresh, maybe a couple of hours old, while others seemed several years old. I felt sick. What kind of twisted life I must lead to be so hurt and confused I'm left hurting myself. And I hate to admit it but it did turn me on a little, the sight of the blood. It made my head spin. It felt as if I'd taken drugs. Will must have noticed it had this effect on me as he slid his arm round me. He kissed me gently at first, then as he got more powered up, his kisses got stronger and heavier. His hand went under my top and massaged my breasts. He kissed my neck, my boobs, moving further south. He unzipped my trousers and slid his fingers inside me. I moaned. He was good. His lips moved further south until his tongue was inside me. I slid to the floor. He rearranged his position until his dick was in my mouth whilst he licked me out. After a couple of minutes of heaven I pushed him off me.

"Jerk. continue the story."

"Sorry I got a little side tracked. Anyway  the marks on your arms are what actually attracted me to you in the first place. Sure you were hot and the pain in your eyes is very tempting but at thirteen I believed I was gay. It was clear from the way you spoke something had happened in your past which made you mature way beyond the child you appeared to be from a distance. A man came up to us and asked if we wanted a spin in his new Subaru. I didn't know a Panda from a Bora, yet you knew a lot about cars so jumped at the opportunity. The man wore a suit and seemed respectable enough so we followed him to his car. He told us he ran a special children's home where we could make a lot of money. We were unsure at first but had no other choice so agreed.

The home was horrible. The kids were nine to sixteen year old prostitutes. We got paid in food and accomomdation. It wasn't worth it though so after only about two months we escaped. They tried to track us down but we found an abandoned house, where we became squaters. We were too young to find jobs so we turned to prostitution again. We use to share a bed for warmth though and one night, out of curiosity I kissed you as we lay together. It felt different from all the other clientes and bastards we'd serviced so that night we made love. Since then we've been in a type of relationship but obviously we still have to work. Last year we had managed to save enough money to buy this house and well here we are."

"So we are prostitute lovers?" I asked disgusted.

"Hot and smart kid, your back to normal." He replied with a cheeky grin. I knew I was meant to be in love, or something like love with this guy, but right then I just wanted to punch him. He was enjoying this while I was in bits at being told that I was immoral and not that I cared what God thought but, unholy.

"Why do you keep calling me kid? You can't be that much older than me."

"We both have our little nicknames for each other. I call you kid and you call me asshole or some variation on that. Im seventeen and your sixteen. Now any more questions or can we get back to having sex?"

"I can understand the nicknames but why the hell do you think I'm going to sleep with you?"

"'Cause you have done at least once a day since you were fourteen. Also you've only been here about two hours and you've already sucked me off twice."

I couldn't really argue with that. So I let him take me by the hand and lead me into the bedroom, where we removed our clothes and had sex. It was amazing but it still felt wrong because I hardly knew this guy.

The End

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