Kyle Ratchford slid the bathroom door open smoothly as he entered the empty, hall-like public washroom.

He rubbed his temples as he was tired and a little stressed.

He headed straight for the urinals but reeled back on his heels as he found an older gentleman occupying the center of the three urinals.

No buffer room, he thought as disturbing images of being shoulder to shoulder with another hairy arm while trying to do his business, floated around his head.

He shuddered at the thought and quickly moved on to the line of stalls. Here he would find solace in between the metal walls while conducting further ‘business’ beyond that at the urinals.

In regular Kyle fashion he headed straight for the king of stalls, the handicap stall. The wide space was much nicer than being confined within the sharp parallel regular stalls.

He sat on his ceramic throne and went about his business while listening to the sounds about the washroom.

The elderly pisser finished and left without flushing or washing.

Disgusting, Kyle thought.

Then there was complete silence for the next few minutes leaving Kyle to his thoughts.

He was stressed but boisterous, even excited. He had come across some very sensitive info that would be very promising to his career here at the local call centre.

He hated being on the phones and a little blackmail was always a good way to get ahead. He had already used his info to turn up the burner and make someone sweat. He felt gleefully malicious about this.

Kyle was not by any means a bad person. But when push came to shove he was a ‘Joe Everyday’, taking any available chance to get ahead. And if someone else was cheating, well than, it made sense to cheat off of the cheater.

His thoughts were interrupted by the door sliding in as someone else walked into the bathroom. The person may as well of drifted in as Kyle could hardly even make out the foot falls that preceded the stranger.

But he could tell the person had passed the urinals.

Kyle prayed that he chose one of the two stalls before the one next to the handicap stall.

But as luck would have it for Kyle, the man chose the stall directly next to him.

He cringed as the stall door slammed shut.

From where he sat Kyle could make out jean cuffs over black sneakers. The shoes turned to face the door and then there was silence again.

Kyle waited, he wasn’t exactly done but didn’t really want to sit next to this pair of shoes and listen to this guy do his business. Or Vice Versa.

He didn’t want to but found himself intently listening.

He heard nothing.

It didn’t even sound like the guy had dropped his pants, he was just standing there waiting.

Waiting for what? Kyle thought.

He began to wonder if maybe this had something to do with his turning the heat up on things. After all the entire floor could have watched him go into the washroom.

Maybe someone wanted a little payback.

It was working if that was the case. Kyle began to sweat heavily, his nerves on full alert.

He was regretting having said anything and now this guy was waiting for him to leave.

Kyle couldn’t sit here forever, sooner or later he’d have to leave the safety of his stall and then this guy would probably use his fists to pound Kyle down to mush.

Just then the toilet flushed and Kyle broke out of the daze he hadn’t realized he’d put himself in.

The stall next to him opened and the nearly silent walker exited down the hall. A few seconds later the bathroom door slid open and closed with a small bang.

Kyle wiped the sweat from his forehead and finished up quickly. He flushed and stood up opening the stall.

He’d be glad to exit the bathroom.

A small wall that blocked the urinals from the sinks stood out a little blocking his view from the mirrors.

He’d check himself out before exiting to make sure he didn’t look deathly ill or anything.

He began to chuckle as he reached the mirrors, feeling silly.

Then suddenly there was a flash of black and Kyle found himself fighting to take a breath.

He desperately fingered his neck to remove the blockade, but it was a fine twine that dug into his skin out of reach of his stubby finger tips.

Everything began to get brighter and white dots danced in front of his eyes.

His struggling became less determined, although his assailants advances became stronger, quickening the dance of the white dots.

They began to multiply and the bright light got brighter.

Then Kyle began to feel calm, the terror slipping away as his heart slowed down. Soon a happy calm smile crossed his face as his heart stopped beating altogether.

            His hands dropped to his sides as one enormous brilliant white dot danced up to him and engulfed him completely

The End

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