Blackblood Alliance

Based on the Original Comic by Kay Fedewa & E. Siegel

The Blackblood's are a group of wolves stronger than any other, and make up the Elite Guard, protectors of the olden day packs. Set before the dawn of man, there is a war between Inaria, the wolves, and the StoneClaw clan, the sabres.


Before the Age of Man, when spear failed against claw and Earth was in the dominion of the wild, beasts divided the land as they saw fit.

To the East, a war-faring sabre clan known as the Stoneclaw; and in the West, the peaceable direwolves of Inaria. Years of isolation within Inaria's sheltered boughs had left the once-vigilant wolves inattentive...

And when at last Inaria's defences were all but obsolete, the sabres launched their ruthless assault.

Rain pelted down on the hard ground, pattering against the canopies and raging at the foliage below. A grey shape skid around the corner, pelt slick down against it's skin, eyes struck wide with fear. The wolf bolted down the path, paws sliding on the wet grass. Saliva bubbled at it's lips, and it panted as exaustion crept up on it.

Thunder rolled, and lightning cracked. Blinded by the brief wash of light, the wolf glanced over his shoulder. One of the Stoneclaw sabres was running strongly after him, then in one swift move it had crouched and leapt, claws stretched wide.

Grrr! The wolf whined and skid back at the sound, and Inarian wolves leaped out of the bushes, ambushing the sabre from the side.

Greyback, Alpha of the pack, led his group forward and lunged at the sabre's neck, grabbing on with sharp teeth. One of his pack members grabbed the big cat by its paw, while the others covered its sides. It collapsed, allowing him to dive in for the killer bite.

"Alpha Greyback," Blackear, the Beta, barked, bounding up behind him. "There you are. They keep coming... we can't hold them..."

The old wolf glanced over his shoulder at his pack mates tugging at the sabre's body, then followed Blackear around the path. "You two! Follow us to the riverbed to fight once you finish that one off!"

"This is no border skirmish, this is an invasion." Blackear said sourly.

Over the ridge, things were no better. The water rushed through, the current speeding through, pushed by the endless hail. Sabres poured in from all direction, some carrying the bodies of wolves in their jaws, others running with bloodied claws. Younger wolves struggled to escape, some barely lucky enough to get over the slope before they were torn appart.

Blackear lingered at the edge, shadowed by an overhanging branch. "They've overrun the Dry River. It won't be long before they get to the den!"

Wounds stinging like fire, Greyback bared his teeth and snarled. "Then we'll give these carcass-lickers a fight to remember." He suddenly lifted his head and opened his one good eye wider. "Fight! For the the honor of Inaria!"

"Greyback, look left!" Blackear screeched.

A bulky, black-maned sabre leaped off the edge of the slope and grabbed Greyback in his sharp toothed jaws. Wolves began to panic, scattering everywhere. "The Alpha has fallen!" "Run away!"

Blackear leapt out of where he had sheltered and, began to lash his tail and bite at everything near him. "Cowards! If we don't hold our ground, they'll kill our young! Heed the Alpha's wisdom! Stay and fight!" He howled just before another heavy sabre tackled him and dragged him to the ground, blood pooling along the ground...

The End

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