I pinched the bridge of my nose between my thumb and index finger. A dull throbbing started up in my right temple. It was one of those headaches I got from listening to the kind of stuffy, pompous words from the mouth of some self-inflated moron that I only had to put up with until I married the buffoon and slit his throat, claiming my money. I looked up at my fiancée, and smiled, removing my hand from my face and sitting up straight. I plastered on a fake smile for him. He just scowled.

"What is it now, Persephone?" he growled. His voice made my head throb painfully. I massaged my temple and smiled sheepishly.

"Just a headache, dear..." I said quietly. His frown deepened and he turned away. Instantly, I hardened my expression and the murderous thoughts began swirling around my head. My fiancée's rich parents were coming to visit today. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd were very impressionable. They were leaving us with a reasonable sum of money after our wedding, next month. My fiancée, Calvin, did his best to get on their good side. How dreadful it would be to actually work for our money. My lip curled.

"This is just excellent, Persephone," Calvin ranted. "You simply cannot lie in bed all day. Mum and Dad won't appreciate me having an infirm for a wife!"

"I'm sorry, my love," I crooned softly. The throbbing was beginning to disappear, anyways. "It's leaving me now."

"It better," Calvin growled, and stalked out of the room. I sighed and leaned back, letting my head fall into a shaft of sunlight. He was the cause of these headaches. He was so horrible... The better I slashed his throat, the better. Not only for myself, but for the benefit of the world.

The End

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