The Man

We were getting married in one of the world's most exclusive private clubs, the Carnegie Club, Skibo Castle.

It was set in the most beautiful gardens with a magnificent water fountain which caught the sun just right to create a magical rainbow so when you looked at it you felt warm and at peace.

The castle itself was so beautiful, you felt as if you had been transported to another era, the bedrooms had extravagant four poster beds in the biggest rooms I have ever seen, the library that they had just took your breath away, the books covered the entire room, floor to ceiling with limited first addition novels of the rarest books.

As I left the room behind my bridesmaid, I plastered a smile on my face and walked down the red carpet covered stairs, feeling like royalty, my misgivings from earlier forgotten as I relished how everyone was admiring me, the men wanting me and the women hardly containing their jealously of me.

As I looked at the sea of faces looking at me, and at my tiresom husband to be at the end of the room next to the minister I suddenly noticed a man that should not be there.

My heart started to pump wildly, feeling like a herd of galloping horses and I tried not to panic , wondering why my 3rd husband, who I had murdered in Portugal, 'lost at sea' was standing here at my wedding and how he was still alive after I had injected him with the most potent venom of any land animal, the inland taipan, a central Australian snake.

For a 150-pound person, the lethel dose works out to two milligrams - about the weight of five dandelion seeds.

I had given him 5 milligrams.

He should be dead.

The End

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