As i looked at myself in the mirror in my custom made, white, diamond encrusted wedding gown by Strauss and Katz worth over $12 million, and my $2 million Weitzman and Le Vian silver shoes,  i could safely say i did not feel like a million dollars.

I looked divine that i could see, i shimmered and twinkled like a star at night, and in contrast to my white dress my hair was jet black, long and curled spotted with little gems in the shape of tiny little flowers. My makeup was done to perfection. I was a vision, but i was bored. This was my 5th wedding, even the anticipation of what i was going to do to that dull, boring pompous man Calvin wasn't giving me much joy today.

I walked over to the chair and sat down and started to think about when and where and how i was going to kill Calvin. It couldn't be to soon but not too late, i don't think i would be able cope with the boredom and the resulting migraines.

'P its time' I Iooked round and my bridesmaid smiled at me. I took one last look outside then sighed quietly and picked up my $125,000 red and white gemstone flower bouquet, ironically the symbol of eternal love and walked through the big oak doors to the chapel.

Here we go again...

The End

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