Black widow

The day i met my husband i knew then and there he was the one, i was going to marry him then kill him.

Yep you heard correctly kill him. you see im the black widow, so far i have over £10 mil but its just not enough, its the thrill really. You just get this big rush and your blood is on fire and watching the life slither away is just something you have to see in your lifetime. Its in their eyes, you see the pain, sorrow and hurt when they finally realise they are going to die, that you have betrayed them,  its like a light bulb flickering on and off and finally POP it goes out.

Im not evil, and i only pick mean evil rich men anyway. I have over 1000 disguises and different passports so the police can never catch me.

Most of the time I make it look like accidents or sucide but if they deserve it i just leave it for what it is. Murder.

I didnt always do this, and  i suppose you want to know how i got into this?

well here it is the story of the Black Widow, have fun and if you a rich man beware, it could be you next!

The End

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