Black, White and Red

This is about a strike that occurred some time ago in my school. I played the silent observer. The Black represents the mob, white represents our school president who was trying to maintain peace and Red represents a certain someone wearing red amidst all the black. Significant? Yes, cause he was my boyfriend at the time.
Some words a could gather at the time of the strike.

Mobs and mentality

Black and bold

Unity and injustice

Silence and screams

Music and moods

Chaos and clarity

Isolation and ignorance

Posters and posers

Cameras and crowds

Friends and foes

Raised hands and raised voices

Chairs and cheers

Attention and anarchy

Accusations and articulation

Solutions and succumbing

Wind and wonders

Amusements and amendments

Lies and liability

Bells and buddies

Courtesy and commitment

Reality and fantasy

Short people and snaps

Applause and admiration

Frowns and fears

Dress code and demands

Psychological and physiological

Glances and gates

Excitement and excuses

Writers and fighters

Speakers and supporters

Valid and violations

Shoes and smiles

Generations and gestures

Fists and frustration

Mockery and mediation

Yawns and yearning

Blame and black mail

Cold and clustered


Solidarity and success!

The End

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