Meshach 1Mature

I was piloting the HCS4 around the solar flares when I heard the line go dead. I turned my head with a confused look, I grab a walkie-talkie and started talking.

"Hey, I'm not hearing any chatter on this line, what the hell's going on?"

I pause and wait for a response, but I only hear static.


I tear off my headphones and flick on the autopilot. I press the button and the door opens. I walk out into the hallway and strain my ears to hear any noise, but I hear voices to my right. I start walking in that direction, my big boots clunking on the metal grating floor. Then, I start hearing the voices clearer.

"Where's the engine on this thing?"

"I think it should be over here."

"F**k, pirates." I say, under my breath.

I start slowing my steps so that I don't make as much noise. And, knowing my way around the ship better than them I take a different path and wind up behind them. Then, I wrap my arm around one of their necks and put my hand on the other side of his head, then with one twist he falls to the ground dead. I steal his gun. Then, I point it at the other pirates.

The End

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