Black SunMature

Humanity has a new cheap fuel -hydrogen. This fuel is the life source of the planet and processing ocean water is now illegal, as further processing will result in mass extinctions of ocean life. A new company called Adagio has come up with a solution- mining the sun.

No light shined through my visor and sound was non-existent. My yellow and white suit felt heavy and bulky with forty pounds of equipment attached. A nervous voice mumbled "Starting manual decompression, turning of grav rings."

A loud hissing ensued and quickly stopped. My boots shook as hydraulics opened a massive steel door in front of me, red light spilling through. Everything suddenly started feeling lighter and lighter. The voice continued "Power is out all across the loading dock... I think it's coming from topside outside the doors, scorch damage?"

I gently pushed of the ground and accelerated towards the roof eighty feet above and growled "Unless Mescach flew us into a micro flare, that makes zero sense. My monies on debris."

Small thrusters on my suit fired and slowed my approach to the ceiling. My body slowly flipped. Boots smacked into the ceiling and magnetically locked. Tethers aren't online? I asked "Greg, I'm on the ceiling and I'm not seeing any tethers."

Greg swore "They don't have any power... alright, you have thirty minutes until the transport arrives."

I walked until I was at the end of the ceiling, looking at the hull of the ship. My oxygen clock hit twelve minutes and the temperature hit 400C. A missing plate on the hull caught my eye, exposed wires and cables underneath. What the hell?

Slowly, I walked to the damaged spot and looked down, seeing a frayed cable. Sighing, I stated "Greg, a rock ripped a piece of the hull of, shutting down power."

Greg sighed "Can you fix it?"

"Yeah, just shut of all power for the exterior hull."

Crouching, I grabbed a transparent blue box of my leg and put it onto the cable. Lasers scanned the area and legs extended, locking onto the hull. Thick foam sprayed onto the cable. Small arms grabbed the cable and pulled individual strands of cable together. I peered through the box Cable looks clean, no loose foam, atmosphere is good. My left hand grabbed a hose on my back and connected it to the box, filling it with air.

Smiling, I detached the hose and stated "Alright, turn the power back on." 

My feet pounded the deck as I walked back into the loading dock. Greg mumbled "Turning power back on..." 

The entrance to the dock opened and air exploded out. My boots detached and my body launched out of the dock and into space. A tether attached to my back and my body lurched forwards into the suit with a jerk. My stomach lurched and I coughed blood into my visor. Breathing became shallow and my eyes closed as the scorching light of the sun intensified with a flares lick of flame.

The End

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