Two Extremes


Jayden awoke strapped to a metal table. There were wire attached with suction cups all over his muscled torso. He felt dizzy from the tranquilizer dart that had brought him down. His vision was still blurry. He was completely immobilized.


Then he smelled the terrible cent of lilacs. It made him want to retch. "Good morning." purred Malta. Malta. The name made him want to spit. On one of the most major raids Black Steel had ever attempted on the Zeldae. Major Malta Richards had warned the Zeldae in advance. The whole thing was a trap. Just like this raid he thought bitterly. Malta herself had stabbed Commander Rutter in the back just before she stepped inside the Zeldae lines. The memory of seeing that black blade glistening with red blood was emblazed into his mind forever. In the bloody battle to escape more then a fourth of their force had been lost.

The site of the traitor now filled him with so much hatred he wanted to scream his loathing. Perhaps she could see it in his eyes because she smiled a terrible taunting smile. She embodied everything that he fought. “I have a few questions for you.” She said sweetly. Jayden didn’t deign her worthy of a response. “I see.” said Malta and she nodded to the Zeldae soldier at the control panel.

Nothing could have prepared Jayden for the rush of raw electricity. He let out an involuntary scream. Malta giggled with the pleasure of causing another creature pain. “You see I need, to know where the pitiful group of soldiers that call themselves ‘Black Steel’ are hiding.” she enticed him. Jayden smiled. He knew the second word of his capture reached the resistance they would relocate. But there was no need to tell Malta that. Malta sighed, “There is no need to waste my time with this.” She looked at the Zeldae at the controls. “Fry him for a few more minutes then leave him in his cell. I shall return in an hour to see if he’s had a change of heart.”

The Zeldae nodded and turned the machine on. As hard as he tried Jayden couldn’t stop the blood-curling scream that passed his lips. It was one long ulation of sheer pain. Finally the pain stopped. Two burly guards carried his quaking body into the holding cell. Even worse then the pain was the fact that he couldn’t control his body. He couldn’t stop the shaking. Panic threatened. But he had a plan. The Zeldae had searched him thoroughly but they hadn’t taken his boots, big mistake. He reached down with quivering hands and pressed a hidden button in the sole of his boot. The sole popped in two revealing a pen sized laser cutter. Captain Jayden River of the Black Steel resistance began to cut.  


The End

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