Black Steel

A bold resistance of humans fight the invading force of the alien Zeldae.


Captain Jayden stalked around his tent. He checked his supplies. Though he had already checked them several times. It was all there, his portable shield generator, radio, hand-gun,  most importantly, his blade. He drew it out of its leather sheath. He loved the way the shiny, jet black metal caught the light. The edges were razor sharp and could cut through virtually anything. Gripping it's handle made gave him electrifying convidence. He smiled at the irony of having to use such a primitive weapon against the advanced technology of the Zeldae. The reason for this was that the Zeldae had developed shields that made them virtually impervious to conventional weapons. His two foot sword was made of an alloy that was designed to slice through shields that shotgun shells couldn't penetrate.

Then he heard a muffled "Sir"

He pulled back the tent flap the reveal his second-in-command Sergent Garret. "What can I do for you Serg?" Jayden inquired.

"Just wanted to ask if you were ready for tonight's party."

"As ready as one can be." responded Jayden.

Garrent smiled grimly, "Then sir, good luck,"

Jayden acknowledged it with a nod. He was going to need it. Then Garret left.

Jayden got to his feet. It was nearly time. They were preparing to raid a relatively major outpost. The supply depots there were essential to the resistance or as it more commonly none as: Black Steel. Black Steel was one of the only remaining resistance groups left that fought for the survival of the human race. The only way they had survived this long was because they stole Zeldae technology. His job in this raid was one of the most dangerous.. He would boldly step out in front of the outpost and challenge them. They would open fire and attack him. His shield would protect him from the enemy laser fire but his skill with the blade would be tested against the Zeldae soldiers.


While he was fighting for his life the whole outpost all their attention would be on him. His squad would hit the outpost from behind hopefully killing most of the Zeldae  before they realized they had been tricked. That was the plan. Captain Jayden River stepped out of the tent. It was time...

The End

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