Chapter 46.5Mature

Beth rested her head on Robert again. The next moment, she was sleeping.

When she woke, hands were roughly pulling her away from Robert. She screamed loudly. It was probably not the shrillness of her voice but the panic in her heart that woke him. His hand shot out to grab her wrist but she was already out of his reach. She fought against the hands that were holding her arms behind her back. She kicked and writhed, trying to break free.

When the hands tightened, her bones began to ache as if they were about to break. She screamed again and stopped struggling.

“It’s time now, little girl,” said the demon that had brought her down here.

Her breath caught in her throat as she tensed. She looked across at Robert. His eyes stared back, their usual near-black. He was stood in the entrance of the cell, the door wide open. Rosalyn was off to the side a little, watching the scene with a smirk on her face.

“Oh, the faithfulness of true love!” she exclaimed with false dramatics. She laughed once, a hollow sound. “It’s disgusting.”

Beth was pushed to her knees slowly. She heard a dagger being unsheathed. She saw the anger flash in Robert’s eyes again. She knew what was coming. She knew this was the end. She screwed her eyes shut, preparing herself.

She felt the blade press against her skin. She took a deep breath. She felt the pressure placed on her skin. She felt the warm blood trickle down her skin. She forced her muscles to relax and knew she was ready for what was coming.

“Stop,” came Robert’s sharp voice, causing her eyes to spring open.

“And why should I?” Rosalyn asked.

After a short moment of silence, Robert said, “Take me instead.”

“To be honest, you were already on the list. Make your point,” she said shortly.

“Take me, and let Beth go. Just leave her alone, she has nothing to do with this. Take me, and do whatever with me.”

Rosalyn seemed to consider this, narrowing her eyes at Robert cautiously.

“Robert, no—” Beth started, before the knife dug deeper into her throat, cutting her off.

“I can do anything?” Rosalyn asked hesitantly.

“Anything,” he confirmed. Beth’s heart ached suddenly, realising that he really meant she could do anything to him.

Almost a minute passed in silence.

“Give me your word,” Rosalyn said, at last making her decision.

Robert fell onto one knee. “I swear to you that I will be yours to command, to control, to rule. You may do as you like with me.” He rose. “Now give me yours.”

Rosalyn sat down, folding her legs under her. She placed her palms down on the floor and bowed her head. She spoke in a language that Beth didn’t recognise but Robert seemed to understand, nodding when she stood again.

She clicked her fingers, pointing at Beth without looking, her gaze locked on Robert.

“Release her immediately. Take her to her comrades above ground and send them on their way. Tell them not to come back or there will be repercussions.”

The End

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