Chapter 46.3Mature

“What do you want?” Robert asked, the ‘bitch’ at the end hanging in the air unsaid.

“Revenge, world domination, death to all vampires, it’s quite a long list,” Rosalyn mused.

“What do you want with Beth?” he elaborated.

“She’s my insurance policy so that I know you’re not going to kill me. If you move, I kill her. Simple, really.”

Fury flashed across Robert’s face.

“Now, are you ready to talk?” she asked sweetly. When no one answered, she continued, “Good. To be honest, we may as well just get on with the proceedings; there’s nothing really to discuss.”

At Rosalyn’s signal, five demons jumped at Robert, grabbing him and pushing him to his knees on the hard ground. The others wisely didn’t move to intercept.

Rosalyn walked over to Robert and took his chin between her fingers.

“Lock him up,” she said before turning and striding away, her heels striking the concrete floor. She pointed at Beth as she walked past. “Take her too.”

Beth was untied quickly and roughly pulled out of the chair. She kept her eyes on Robert as she was marched towards him and the demons that held him. He wasn’t even bothering to try and escape.

“My lady,” one of the demons called out.

Rosalyn turned around as she was about to leave. She raised an expectant eyebrow.

“What about the others?” the demon asked.

Rosalyn glanced over, staring intently at Isabella.

“Let them go. Make sure they don’t come back.”

Then she left and Robert and Beth were pushed away. They were walked down a dark corridor. The dim light came only through the small windows near the ceiling.

Beth used the light to check over Robert for injuries as he walked in front of her. There was a slash across the back of his right thigh, and she’d already seen a large gash beside his eye. He seemed otherwise unharmed.

“Do you know what’s going to happen to you?” the demon behind Beth whispered in her ear. She felt his tongue snake out and lick her throat. She released a shaky breath, trying not to show just how terrified she was. “Hm, do you know? Always a use or two for a nice, pretty girl like you. I can think of a few right now.”

The demon pulled her against him, pushing his hips against her. She gasped, realising exactly what he meant. She screwed her eyes shut, trying to convince herself that this wasn’t happening. He grazed her earlobe with his teeth.

She couldn’t help the slight whine that escaped her lips. She opened her eyes and looked at Robert, who couldn’t see her. She told herself that he was right there, that she couldn’t get hurt while he was around; he just wouldn’t allow it.

“You wouldn’t enjoy it, but I would,” the demon chuckled.

All of a sudden, the demon was gone, torn away from her by a blur. Robert was holding the demon against the wall, his fingers curled around the demon’s neck.

The End

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