Chapter 46.2Mature

The sound of heels approaching reached Beth’s ears, which had become more sensitive because she couldn’t see.

Her blindfold was taken away, revealing a fairly large room that she was in the centre of. She looked around. The walls were lined with demons. All of them were armed.

Rosalyn knelt down in front of her.

“Let’s get ready to put on a show, shall we?” Rosalyn said, grinning darkly.

She stood up and walked away; leaving Beth tied to the chair.

Two minutes passed. Five. Ten. Fifteen. Beth began to fear that they were all dead. Had they been stopped and killed already?

A few more minutes passed, no one making a sound in the room at all. Then the double doors across the room opened suddenly.

“Robert!” she exclaimed, unable to help herself.

He glanced over at her, stopping in his tracks. Something flashed in the corner of her eye and she looked over. One of the demons was hurtling towards Robert, a knife in hand. She was about to shout to him, warning him but he moved so quickly that she didn’t have time to even form one syllable.

One moment Robert was standing stock still, the next he was burying a dagger in the chest of the demon that had rushed him.

Beth looked around the room. Onyx, Jay, Mark, Elijah, Matthew and Isabella, as well as two she didn’t know the names of, were fighting too. They all moved so quickly, so gracefully, never missing a step.

Her eyes were glued to Robert, trying to follow him as he moved even faster than the others. Two more demons leapt at him, as well as the two he was already fighting. Her throat constricted, making it impossible to tell him of the danger.

He seemed to notice though. But, instead of spinning around to attack them, the five of them – Robert and the four demons – were engulfed in a ball of fire. After a few seconds, the ball shrunk, seeming to disappear into Robert. Then she realised it was of his making.

Robert carried on fighting, as if it had never happened.

Rosalyn was stood beside Beth, watching the whole thing with wry amusement. When about half of her demons were dead, she called:


Both sides stopped fighting immediately, though Isabella didn’t drop the woman she had.

“Let her go,” Rosalyn said, staring at her mother intently.

After a few short moments, Isabella released the demon, shoving her away.

“Now,” Rosalyn started, “let’s talk, shall we?”

Robert stepped forward slightly, causing Rosalyn to move closer to Beth.

“Let her go,” Robert said, his voice dangerously low.

Rosalyn laughed. “Why should I? She’s the only thing stopping you killing me right now.”

“If you hurt her...” he said, letting the threat hang.

Rosalyn moved and held a small dagger against Beth’s throat.

Beth gasped and whimpered slightly. She locked gazes with Robert. He was staring back at her, his eyes glowing red. He was shaking with anger so much that Onyx stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder.

The End

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