Chapter 46.1Mature

Beth couldn’t help her panicked breathing; she couldn’t see, couldn’t speak, couldn’t move. She’d been gagged as soon as she had released Rosalyn from her cell; she had been blindfolded as soon as she had been released from Rosalyn’s power, while they were still back in the safe house; she had been tied to a chair as soon as she had got to wherever they were.

She clung to the belief that Robert would come for her. That belief had slowly slipped from her grasp with every hour passed. She’d lost all concept of time, only aware that she’d been tied to that chair for a very long time.

“How are you getting along over there?” Rosalyn said with a chuckle. “You know, I can’t wait until Robert’s dead that way I can have you all to myself. Won’t that be fun?”

Beth’s breathing picked up even more as silence fell. She didn’t know where Rosalyn was, the only noise her own rough breathing and pounding heart.

“Fun,” Rosalyn whispered right by her ear.

She couldn’t help but whimper. The silent threat in Rosalyn’s words was almost tangible.

Suddenly the rope from between her teeth was torn away, burning her cheeks with the speed it was pulled away. She whimpered again.

“Now we can have a nice conversation, can’t we?” Rosalyn asked. The sound moved as though she was walking around her in a circle.

“Robert will come for me,” Beth whispered, still clinging to that hope. It was her lifeline.

Rosalyn chuckled. “Oh, I’m counting on it. You’re not my real target; you’re just my leverage. Though, I suppose I will kill you anyway.”

“Please don’t,” she murmured, though knowing it was useless.

“Why shouldn’t I? Go on, give me a reason.”

Beth didn’t have a reason. She knew Rosalyn’s plans; she wanted to make Robert watch Beth die, and then kill him when he begged for it.

Strangely, Beth didn’t fear death. Not really. She was ready for it in a way.

“Don’t have a reason, do you?” Rosalyn giggled.

“No,” Beth admitted quietly.

“They never have a reason. It’s fun watching them try though.”

Rosalyn giggled again and walked away, though didn’t leave the room.

A door opened and someone walked in, shutting it behind him.

“They’re here,” said the man that had walked in.

“Are they outside?” Rosalyn asked.

“They are.”

“Is he with them?”

“Robert is here. As is your mother and most of the brotherhood.”

A thousand thoughts went through Beth’s mind. Robert was here, he’d come for her. But he couldn’t be here, that was part of Rosalyn’s plan. Isabella had come too. They’d all come to get her.

The End

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