Chapter 45.4Mature

Caelan opened his mouth to say something but Onyx interrupted.

“Just do as you’re told, Caelan,” he snapped. “Robert is saving your life and your mother needs at least one of us around.”

“You say that like it doesn’t matter,” Caelan said quietly, staring at his father in disbelief.

“I am prepared to die and you are not. You’re not ready for a job like this, so don’t pretend you are.”

Onyx glared at him and after a few moments, Caelan went to join the group that Robert had pointed at.

“Ready?” Robert asked, looking around those that were coming with him.

They all nodded so he led them into the building that sat before them.

As they walked through the corridors, Robert quickly noticed that there were no demons around. Where were they all? They must be guarding the room where Rosalyn was keeping Beth, especially now that they knew he was coming for her.

Robert looked around the relatively small group he had. It consisted of himself, Onyx, Mark, Jay, Matthew, Lucas, Liam, Elijah and Isabella. Nine of them were going against thirty demons, possibly more. The silence in the group remained; any conversation necessary was made through telepathy.

Robert frequently sent waves out to detect any others. The only ones he found were the ones with him.

Where are they? Liam’s voice said in his mind.

I don’t know, Robert replied.

They have to be here somewhere, Isabella said.

They carried on looking, searching every room.

Robert stopped suddenly, his mental waves picking something up.

Found them? Jay asked.

He nodded and sent out a few more powerful waves, aiming them in the direction the other one had come from. They all came back having picked something up.

There are thirty-nine of them, he whispered to the others mentally.

They were all silent, also shocked by how many there were.

After a short moment, Robert began to run as fast as he could towards the demons that had Beth. He’d sensed her presence among those he’d picked up. He would get her back, no matter what it took.

The End

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