Chapter 44.2Mature

As if on cue, three of them walked in through the door Beth and Robert had passed through.

“Where’s Grim?” Robert asked.

“God knows,” Jay mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“How late did you stay up last night?”

“Late enough, I think.”

“I might have to talk to Ibby about that.”

Jay laughed a little. “You’re the only one she actually listens to.”

“Shall we get started?” Robert asked.

“Where’s Eli?” said the one that Robert had pointed out as Lucas last night.

“Up here,” said Elijah.

All eyes turned towards the source of the voice. Elijah was walking along the top of one of the shelving, a clipboard and pen in hand.

“Clipboards and writing utensils on the desk,” Elijah said, pointing over at a desk in the corner without looking.

The others grabbed one of each and spread out, each going down a different row. Beth went with Robert, trailing after him. She looked up at the things on the things on the shelves. Right by the start of the long row, there was a huge stack of transparent packages that held a fine, dark blue powder.

“What’s this?” Beth asked, pointing to it.

Robert climbed up and sat on the highest shelf, pushing the packages around, seemingly counting them. He held the pen between his teeth.

“This is aprioris,” he said, taking the pen between his fingers and writing something on the piece of paper attached to the clipboard. “It’s essentially the supernatural version of cocaine or heroin; highly addictive and extremely destructive. We got all this from the hunter house we raided the other day. Fuck’s sake, I’m not counting all this. Eli?” he shouted.

“Yeah?” came the reply.

“How much of the aprioris did we get?”

“Sixty-nine packets of eight ounces and ten plants,” Elijah replied.

“Thanks.” Robert wrote that down and jumped off the shelves, landing easily on his feet. He continued down the row.

Beth couldn’t even describe the next object, but Robert lifted a few pieces of paper on his clipboard and ticked something before moving on.

As the day passed, all Beth did was follow Robert, but she found it nice to just talk to him and find out more about what the brotherhood actually did in the world of the supernatural. They were one of the only groups that policed the exchange of drugs and money in the Dimension, though Beth wasn’t a hundred percent sure what that was.

The End

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