Chapter 43.3Mature

Robert thought for a moment. “Send someone over, I want that confirmed. If that is what’s going on, it’s very worrying indeed.”

The game continued in almost silence, the only noise in the room the chatting from the women over on the sofas. Beth didn’t know where the other brothers were.

After a little while, the door opened and Ellie ran in, squealing. She jumped straight into the group over by the sofas, causing them all to laugh.

Beth felt Robert’s body move and he turned around a little. She glanced up, seeing Onyx and Aaralyn coming into the room. Aaralyn was wearing a floor length black dress that was tight without being revealing. Behind the couple was a teenage girl. Her hair reached her waist and was the same colour was Onyx’s. She also had Onyx’s green eyes.

“Hey,” Robert said.

“Hi. Where’s Caelan?” Onyx asked.

“You want to throw him into it straight away?” Robert laughed. “He’s sleeping anyway.”


“Sleeping,” he confirmed.

Beth noticed a small smirk appear on Zeke’s face and she also noticed the quick glare Onyx sent in his direction. She made a mental note to ask Robert about it later.

“Shall we carry this on later?” Robert said, turning to those at the table.

They nodded and stood, placing their cards down on the table. Beth stood too, allowing Robert to get up.

“Hey, Kallie,” Robert grinned at the teenager standing sullenly beside Aaralyn.

Her mood visibly lightened when Robert spoke to her. “Hi,” she grinned.

Ten minutes later, everyone was sat on the sofas. Beth was sat between Robert and Aaralyn. She quickly became aware of the glances that Kallie kept sending at Robert, before looking down and blushing.

“She’s going through a teenage phase,” Aaralyn whispered to her.

Beth looked up, surprised. “Sorry?”

“Kalila. You don’t need to worry.”

Now it was Beth’s turn to blush. “I wasn’t worried,” she said, weakly defending herself.

Aaralyn smiled. “It’s okay, don’t worry. I understand. Before Onyx and I got mated, Jay used to bring me around with him; he was my caretaker and so—”

“But, aren’t you twins?” she interrupted.

“Doesn’t matter in vampire aristocracy. If you don’t have any parents, the eldest man of your close family looks after you. But, because Jay used to bring me to all the meetings and like, I used to have to see Onyx being flirted with and I was so jealous. I knew by then that he was the one I wanted to mate; of course, I never expected that to actually happen. But Kalila’s just a young girl with impossible aspirations. Not that her dream was ever going to come true before, it definitely won’t be happening now that you’re here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Robert quite so happy, so animated.”

The End

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