Chapter 43.2Mature

Robert smiled. “Come and join us?”

“I’ll watch. I don’t think I should be picking up any sort of weapon just yet.”

Thorn walked over with Robert. Robert got her to try out all sorts of different guns. Most of the time she got pretty close to the centre.

After a while, the door burst open and suddenly Thorn was overwhelmed by a huge hug.

“I didn’t know where you’d gone,” she heard Mark mumble.

After a short moment of shock, Thorn put his arms around Mark, holding him. When Mark stepped back, he left his arm around Thorn’s waist. Thorn did the same.

“How it going?” Mark asked, nodding at the gun Beth was aiming.

“Good,” Robert said. “She’s better than Caelan was when he was younger.”

Mark laughed. “That’s not hard though.”

Robert laughed and grinned. Just this once, Beth didn’t mind being left out of the conversation; she was just happy that Robert was enjoying himself.



It was beginning to get late—so said the clock on the wall; Beth had no point of reference from the outside world.

Robert had given her a tour of the safe house. He’d mentioned a lab, a practice room, chamber, evidence room, and a CCTV monitoring office, but Beth didn’t see the point in going to either of those, though she did make sure with Robert that the CCTV didn’t record in the bedrooms. He’d laughed and assured her that they didn’t.

Now she was sat in his lap as he played a card game with Mark, Jay, Zeke and Matt. They were just waiting for Onyx and Aaralyn to arrive, though Beth wasn’t a hundred percent sure why.

She wasn’t really focusing on the game Robert was playing; it was something she’d never heard of so she assumed it was a game from when Robert was younger. He seemed to be having fun though.

She tipped her head back against his shoulder, letting her eyes slide shut. She felt his lips touch her cheek and she smiled slightly. She turned her face into his neck and snuggled up to him. His low chuckle reverberated through his throat, making her smile even more.

She opened her eyes and looked around the room they were in. This was the games room. The walls had dark red wallpaper on them and the lights were dimmer than the lights in the other rooms. The floor was a thick black carpet that seemed to support everything like water. Three beige sofas sat around a fireplace, in the other corner of the room was a pool table and, across the room, was a grand piano.

“Zeke, you got the results of those tests yet?” Robert asked.

“Which ones?” asked Zeke, glancing up from his hand of cards.

“The drugs we got Sunday night.”

“From the slayerhouse? Oh, yeah, I’ve got them. It’s confirmed that it’s aprioris,” Zeke said seriously.

“Aprioris? You’re sure?” Jay interjected.

Zeke must have nodded because Robert said, “Why were hunters growing a Dimension narcotic?”

“Bribery perhaps?” suggested Matt.

“You know what the criminal underworld is like over there; I can imagine most of them would make drugs their asking price,” Mark said.

The End

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