Chapter 42.1Mature

Beth clung to Robert, her fingers curling around the straps of the bags that hung over his shoulder. He said nothing as he pulled her through the club. The dark loomed, though the occasional flash of light reflected off the poles that went from floor to ceiling.

After a minute or so, Robert stopped and she heard the jingling of keys hitting each other. She heard the key slide into the lock and turn. Then she heard it again, and again, and once more.

“How many locks are there?” she mumbled, voicing her thoughts.

Robert laughed quietly. “Not even reached the front door yet, darling.”

He opened the door and pulled her through, shutting the door and locking it four times over again before turning on a light. The sudden light momentarily blinded her.

When her sight returned, she noticed they were in a cupboard that was full of cleaning supplies. She opened her mouth to make a sarcastic remark but Robert was already leading her away. As far as she could see, there was nowhere for them to go, but then Robert walked through the wall. Literally, as if it wasn’t there.

As she passed through it, a shiver went down her spine and she looked back. She was able to see the cupboard, but it was distorted and murky.

“It’s a mind trick,” Robert explained. “The wall isn’t actually there; it’s an illusion to deter trespassers.”


They were walking down a long corridor. The walls, floors and ceiling were all metal and a quiet clang resonated whenever she placed her foot down.

They past several doors, but Robert stopped by one near the end of the corridor. He put a code into the lock beside the door and pushed it open. He pulled her in and shut the door behind them.

Beth looked around the room they were in. It looked like any normal living room; there were a couple sofas, a TV, a large coffee table, a couple of bookshelves and a stereo system. The room was empty of other people.

Robert led her through the room, placing the feathers on the table. There was another corridor, this one with many doors on either side. He pulled her into the first room on the right. It was a bedroom.

“This is our room,” he said, placing the two bags down in the corner.

“What’s in the bag?” Beth asked curiously.

“Clothes for you. I need to talk to Onyx about getting you a phone.”

“I have a phone.”

“Not a secure one,” he said, shaking his head.


He pulled her to him, kissing her gently.

“You know, we have about half an hour before the others come back here,” Robert whispered.

“Where are they?”

“The girls are in the games room and the others are in the cell blocks.”

“The what?”

“The dungeon,” he said, grinning.

“We’ll have to find something to do until they get back then,” Beth said.

“We will.”

“I have a few ideas,” she said, pressing against him and beginning to unbutton his shirt.

“So do I,” he murmured seductively.

The End

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