Chapter 41.2Mature

“Hands behind your back,” Jay said, addressing their new prisoners.

They all did as they were told, even Rosalyn, who simply had a blank expression on her face. The prisons disappeared and their hands started to glow slightly with the magic bonds.

Jay turned around to face the huddling group of students. His grey eyes were overtaken by the yellow stripe in his irises; the stripe seemed to be thicker than it had a few minutes ago. A sharp wave of energy passed through Beth’s mind. She clutched her head but the pain went as quickly as it had come.

“Sorry,” Jay said sincerely before turning away to face the others. “We have about a minute before these humans wake up.”

“Move quickly then,” Onyx said sharply, walking towards the demons.

He grabbed two by the arms and disappeared, taking them with him. The others followed suit. When all the still living demons were gone, they got to work shifting the dead ones. When everything was as they’d left it, Jay used his mind to tell the students to sit back in their places.

Beth was about to sit back down when Robert grabbed her arm.

“We’re going,” he said.

“What? But you said we could go after school,” she complained.

“That was before a band of demons came here to take you hostage,” he said shortly.

“Robert,” Catalin started, but was silenced by a single glare from him.

Beth pulled her arm from his grasp and crossed her arms.

“I’m not going,” she said defiantly.

The few remaining brothers turned to stare at her, as did Catalin and Emily.

“I’m not going,” she said again, with more conviction that she felt.

“We’re going, if I have to drag you,” Robert said, his voice dangerously low.

“Robert, careful,” warned Onyx.

Robert ignored him completely. Beth stood up straighter, trying to prove her point that she was going nowhere. His eyes flashed that ominous red they had been a few minutes previously when he’d been fighting.

“Robert,” Onyx snapped, getting Robert’s attention this time.

Robert’s eyes turned to him, shooting daggers. Neither of them said anything but after a few seconds, Robert picked Beth up and put her over his shoulder.

“Put me down!” she shouted, hitting his back with her fists.

He didn’t register that she’d said or done anything, just kept walking. One of the others suddenly appeared and threw him a bag. He caught it and slung it over his other shoulder. Beth kept shouting until they got outside, finally giving up. Robert set her down beside the car but held her against him with just enough force that she couldn’t run but not enough for it to hurt her.

In his hand were the car keys, but Beth was sure they had been in her bag, which she was pretty sure was still in the classroom. However, when she actually looked properly, she realised it was on the floor, leaning against his leg. Stupid vampires, she couldn’t help but think.

The End

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