Chapter 41.1Mature

Beth glanced around just in time to see a man coming at her. He was suddenly gone from her line of sight. Beth looked around, seeing the man that had jumped at her lying on the floor, with Robert kneeling on him, pushing his knee into the man’s back.

She was about to shout at him to stop, but there was a scream from one of the girls on the other side of the room. Robert’s head snapped up, seeing the girl trapped in the grip of another man. Robert was there in a flash, pushing a knife into the man’s lower back.

A second later, the brothers appeared and Beth realised there were about thirty or so strangers in the room, nearly all of which had students held against them of human shields.

The fighting was so quick that Beth didn’t know who was from which side and the only sign there was fighting was the screams of pain and the flickering light caused by slashing blades.

Jay was quickly herded all the students into a corner, standing protectively in front of them, his black daggers unsheathed. Beth stepped up to him, standing just behind him.

“What’s going on?” she asked, scared and worried.

“Rosalyn’s little army. Liam and Lucas found their hideout this morning but they weren’t there, obviously already on their way.” His voice was cold and harsh as he responded, not looking at her. His eyes were flicking around the room, taking in every detail.

“Is Rosalyn here?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” he responded quietly.

“Did they come here for me?” she murmured.

“Most likely. Stay here,” he said suddenly, darting off into the fighting.

Beth saw him pull a man—demon—off Onyx. He plunged one of his daggers into the demon’s chest before coming back, leaving Onyx to get on with it.

“Stop!” shouted a voice. It was commanding and demanded authority.

All the fighting stopped immediately. Beth noticed the bodies strewn over the floor; all of them were the demons, dead, dying or unconscious. The rest of the demons were held tightly by the brothers, who were all staring at the front of the classroom, their eyes glowing red. Beth followed their eyes, seeing Lucius there. He looked positively furious, his fists clenched and his muscles tense.

“Release them,” he said quietly, the commanding tone of his voice not changing with its volume.

After a moment, the brothers released the demons. All of the demons fell to one knee with their heads bowed. All except Rosalyn.

“My lord,” they all said in sync. All except Rosalyn.

“Get up, filth,” Lucius spat at them.

They shared a look and stood slowly. Lucius held up his hand and their faces fell. In his hand were a bunch of grey feathers. He placed them down on the table in front of him and looked up at Robert.

“Burn them. Slowly,” he said before disappearing in a column of flame.

After a few moments, the brothers’ eyes returned to their usual colours, the strange redness fading. Jay clicked his fingers and all the demons were trapped in a glowing prison. Robert went to get the feathers from the table.

The End

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