Chapter 40.3Mature

She got up and went into the en suite to get a shower. When she came out, Robert was pulling on a t-shirt. Beth dragged her clothes out of the wardrobe and dressed quickly, realising she was running late.

“Please don’t tell me you’re actually coming with me,” she said as she pulled on some tights.

“We’ll see,” Robert said, turning on his heel and leaving the room.

Beth stared after him with her hands on her hips, feeling a spark of anger. She knew he was just trying to keep her safe, but she could look after herself.

She finished dressing and hurried down the stairs. She grabbed a piece of toast from a plate on the side and ran out of the house. Robert followed her, moving to get in the passenger side. She narrowed her eyes at him but didn’t bother trying to sway him from his decision; that just wasn’t going to happen and she knew it.

She got in and started the car, pulling out of the drive.

“I really can’t believe you trust me to drive this car,” she mumbled.

“I’d trust you with anything, Beth,” he said.

“Obviously not to look after myself,” she said without looking at him.

“If you knew how to handle a blade I would. Mainly.”

“Teach me then,” she said quickly. “I don’t like needing a babysitter, even if it is you.”

He watched her for a little while. “Okay then. I will. I’ll teach you. If I can teach you half as well as I taught Lucius and Zeke, I’ll be happy enough.”


With that, the conversation was over, leaving Beth feeling better about Robert coming with her today, as she knew it wouldn’t be a common occurrence.

“So you won’t be coming with me to school tomorrow?” she asked.

Robert’s eyebrows drew together. “You aren’t going to school tomorrow,” he said as if she should already know.

“What? Why not?” she demanded.

“The whole point of a safe house is to get away from society. If you go to school, it defeats the purpose.”

If she hadn’t been driving, she would have crossed her arms and glared at him. She settled for sitting in an angry silence.

When she pulled into the school car park, she got out, slamming the door loudly. When she didn’t hear the other door close, she looked over. Only to see Robert nowhere in sight. She let her breath out in a huff and strode into the building.

The End

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