Chapter 38.3Mature

After a moment, Mrs Henson gave a short nod and turned back to the board. She hurried to her seat between Catalin and Emily, getting questioning glanced from both of them but shook her head slightly to tell the she’d explain later.

A small, knowing smile spread across Emily’s lips and Beth couldn’t help but blush. So Emily knew what had kept her. Emily glanced at Catalin over the top of her head. Cat must have realised too, because a quiet chuckle escaped her lips. Beth covered her face with her hands to hide her blush. Emily just nudged her slightly.

When Mrs Henson said they were able to talk – quietly- while they worked, Emily asked the question Beth had been dreading.

“So?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. Her blush simply deepened. “That blush tells me everything.”

“Oh, shut up, Em,” Beth murmured.

“Hey, it’s fine by me. Wait a minute, are you wearing an engagement ring?” Emily asked, her eyes wide and her voice slightly louder than it had been a few moments ago.

That question made a few heads turn. Beth held her left hand against her chest.

“Maybe. So what if it is?” Beth challenged quietly.

“Robert proposed to you?” Catalin asked, unable to hide her grin.

Beth blushed slightly and nodded. Cat pulled her into a tight hug, squeezing her.

“We’re going to be sisters,” Cat said, her grin widening.

Beth grinned back.

“When did he propose?” Emily asked, smiling wildly.

“Yesterday morning.”

“Does your mum know?” she asked.

Beth nodded. “She said that she didn’t approve of my choice but she was glad that I’m happy.”

“Are you happy, really?” Cat asked.

“I honestly am.”



When Beth got home, she was surprised by just how many people had noticed her ring. They’d all wished her well, some more sincerely than others.

She opened the front door and when she was shutting it, Robert poked his head out from the kitchen, grinning.

“Good day?” he asked, coming out.

He was fully dressed in clean clothes and his hair was curling slightly, almost dry. He must have had a shower.

“It was full of engagement congratulations,” she smiled.

His grin widened. “Catalin stopped by a little while ago to say she was happy for me. Can’t wait until she tries to break that news to Alex.”

Beth laughed slightly. She went up to him, dropping her bag on the floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

“You know this morning you were saying that I was confusing you? And I said that Ez had a family tree in the records?” Robert asked while putting his arms around her waist.

“Oh yes?”

“Turns out I have one too. Not exactly sure when I acquired it, but it was in the library. I found it this afternoon.”

“I’ll have to have a look at it sometime.”

“We’ll have to add you to it one day,” he grinned.

“That we will,” she agreed with a wide smile.

He planted a kiss on her lips and went back into the kitchen. She followed him and immediately noticed the blackboard was full of lists and some diagrams. None of which she would be able to explain. Robert seemed to have a constant smile on his face.

“You seem happier,” she noted.

“Do I? I suppose I am. Elijah and Zeke found Thorn.”

“Oh, that’s brilliant news. Where was he?”

The smile on his face fell. “He was trying to kill himself,” Robert murmured darkly.

The End

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