Chapter 37.4Mature

“Aren’t you the lucky one?” Robert said sarcastically as his feet touched the floor.

“How do you put up with this?” he asked.

“You actually are the lucky one; you can stop her from tracking you down.”

“I suppose there are advantages to that,” Lucius grinned.

“Are we going?” Jay asked.

“We are,” Robert said with a nod.

“When will you be back?” Beth asked.

“Early hours of the morning probably. Before dawn anyway,” he replied.

Beth nodded and looked at the others. They were dressed similarly to Robert: in leather and carrying weapons. Isabella had a dagger strapped against either side of her body and a whip at her hip; Jay had a pistol holstered against the side of his chest, and a larger gun at his hip; Lucius had two long daggers on his back, the hilts poking out above his shoulders.

She realised a sight like this was going to be a very common one throughout the next week, as well as the rest of her life.

Robert kissed her briefly before disappearing into the air, along with the others.

Beth went and got her bag from the cupboard. She still had to do her homework.



As Beth crawled into bed at five minutes to midnight, she tried to think of anything but how Robert was; she knew her mind would run riot if she did. Instead, she decided to think about her day tomorrow, trying to recall the lessons she had.

She tried reciting all her teachers’ names in her head to help her get to sleep. It did nothing to help her though.

She pulled the covers tighter around her. There was a sharp knock on the bedroom door and she yelped in surprise. She got up and was grateful that she was wearing more than just her underwear.

She opened the door and was shocked by the white eyes staring back at her.

“My name’s Lucius,” he said.

“Beth,” she replied.

“You need not tell me your name, Miss Stuart, for I know everything about you. I know your favourite colour, your brightest dream, your darkest fear. Anyway, that isn’t why I’ve come. When Robert returns home tonight, do not go to him.”

“Why not?” she asked, because it was the only thing she could think of.

“Ask no questions. I’ve seen your Fatethreads and I’m stopping it from happening, which is all you need to know.”

“Isn’t meddling, like, forbidden or something?” she challenged, raising an eyebrow.

He simply looked amused. “Oh it is, yes. But not when you’re me.”

“And why not?”

All he did was smile devilishly, adding to his aura of menace. He was enveloped by flames and when they receded, he was no longer there.

Beth shut the door, confused by her odd encounter. She went back to bed, crawling under the covers.

She jolted awake and looked around, unsure of what had been a dream and what had been real.

The End

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