Chapter 32.3Mature

He paused for a moment, to make sure that she still wanted to go through with it. She answered him by pushing him down onto the bed and straddling his lap. His eyes glittered blackly in the dim light of the moon that drifted through the window.

She hitched her dress up around her hips and slowly pulled it over her head, moving slightly on his lap. He threw his head back into the mattress and hissed quietly. Beth smirked devilishly, knowing it was her making him feel like that.

She dropped her dress onto the floor beside the bed. Running the tip of the index finger down the line of his shirt buttons, she watched him close his eyes and part his lips. His breathing was ragged and she loved the sound of it. She pulled his tie off and dropped it onto the floor. The silk fluttered down, it landed on top of her dress, the two pieces of black material merging in the weak light.

Beth slowly began to undo the buttons of his shirt. He sat up suddenly, the fabric opening to reveal his chest and his myriad of new scars. She pulled her eyes away from them and looked into his dark eyes that were mere inches away from her own.

He kissed her again, more forcefully and roughly this time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him. He hooked his leg around hers and rolled over so he kneeling above her. His hands slid down her sides as he kissed his way up her jaw. She gasped and moaned as he ran his fangs up her neck; the feeling sending an electric wave through her.

“Oh, Beth...” Robert whispered against her skin, making the muscles in her arms tighten around his neck.

She tried to tell him to bite her, to take her blood, but her throat was tight and unusable. He seemed to sense what she wanted and wasted no time in delivering. As her blood hit his tongue, she heard him growl quietly.

She ran her hands up and down his back as he fed from her. After a minute or so, he pulled back and his tongue darted across the wound he’d created.

His fingers skimmed across her skin as he unfastened her bra, pulling it down her arms. He planted a kiss between her breasts and his fingers moved down to her underwear.

“You sure?” he whispered, his eyes imploring her to answer honestly.

Before she could even think the question through, her lips replied, “Yes. Oh, God, yes...”

The fire deep inside her burnt even brighter as he pulled the underwear down her legs slowly. He sat back, kneeling before her. He dropped the non-shredded underwear on the rest of the pile of clothes. He picked up her foot and took off the heels she’d completely forgotten she’d been wearing, the whole time not taking his eyes off hers.

The End

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