Chapter 32.2Mature

“I love you,” she whispered to him, throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him.

He held her to him and kissed the top of her head. “I love you too.”

The car pulled up and the valet got out. Robert handed him a tip as he took the keys. He sat Beth in the passenger seat, kissed her again, and got in the driver’s side. As he started the car, Beth felt the excitement in her heart being frittered away by nervousness. He seemed to notice because he reached over and took her hand. He gave her fingers a reassuring squeeze.

The drive flew by, and in silence. When they pulled up to the house, Beth realised she was actually going to do this. After all the years of imagining, she was finally going to do it. There were only so many details you could scrape from your friend’s experiences.

She got out of the car as Robert did. She took a deep breath but couldn’t get her legs to move. He came around to her slowly. He kissed her softly.

“We don’t have to do this, Beth,” he whispered to her.

“I want to. Just nervous,” she replied with a blush.

His thumbs brushed over her reddened cheeks and he smiled faintly. “So beautiful.”

She smiled back as she remembered what he’d said to her at her window once: ‘You’re so beautiful when you blush’. Clearly he still thought that.

“Best get to it then,” she murmured, throwing his words back at him.

He smiled, his eyes full of love and... something else. Respect, adoration, reverence... His eyes glittered with it. That gave her the strength to do what she did.

Beth grabbed his hand and dragged him up to the front door. She threw it open and pulled him inside. She pushed him against the door and, as it clicked shut, she reached behind him to lock it with the key that was constantly left in its place. When she looked up at him again, her knees went weak. The lust and love in his eyes were positively burning, and it was a heady combination.

She pushed his jacket down his arms and used his tie to pull him down to her lips. The low growl that came up his throat made her heart race as their spark of passion ignited, becoming a raging furnace.

He pulled her into him, his hands running down her bare arms. He started slowly undoing the straps around her neck as he kissed her. Beth hadn’t even noticed when Robert had taken control of the way their lips moved, but she didn’t care. The indescribable feeling settled deep in her gut again, forcing her to push herself closer against Robert.

He picked her up and the next thing she knew, he was setting her down in the bedroom, his lips still firmly attached to hers.

The End

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