Chapter 30.4Mature

Her hands ran down his chest but he grabbed her wrists when she reached just below his ribs.

“Ow,” he said without much emotion but the pain in his eyes told a different story.

“Hurts?” she asked.

“I no longer have a spleen and there’s considerably less of my liver there now. They were just too badly damaged.”

Well, this was news. She just shook her head slowly and sighed. She tried to throw the thoughts away before they overwhelmed her.

“Now, about tonight,” he said, “what are you wearing?”

“I’ve not even thought about it.”

“How about a dress? Much easier to peel you out of when we get home.” The dark look in his eyes made her heart skip a beat with excitement.

She raised an eyebrow, deciding to play his game. “And what if I want to make it difficult for you?”

“You could wear jeans and a t-shirt,” he said, acting as if he was giving in. He leant forward to whisper in her ear. “But I’ll just tear them to shreds.”

Her knees shook, threatening to give way. Then he was gone from her. He was standing by the door, about to leave. He looked back at her.

“One way or another, I will get you undressed, even if the clothes end up shredded.”

With that, he left the room. Beth trembled and had to sit down before she collapsed. She remembered the state her underwear had ended up in after Robert had had that nightmare so she knew he was more than capable of following through with his final words.

She took a deep breath, attempting to steady herself. She picked up her book again but her hands were shaking too much for her eyes to focus on the words.

She put it down again, giving up. She thought about getting ready. She still had three hours before they needed to be at the restaurant, wherever it was. She could make it take that long.

Beth stood, her legs holding her up, thankfully. Robert was in the kitchen, scribbling on the blackboard from the sound of it. She rushed up the stairs and shut the bedroom door behind her. She looked around the room, spotting her wax strips in their box on the dresser. She opened the wardrobe, deciding on what she was wearing first.

She pulled out a dress, as Robert had suggested. It was black and made of the clingy fabric she knew would stick to her curves. The halter neck straps were soft and smooth but Beth knew they wouldn’t slip when she had it on. She laid it out on the bed. She picked up fresh underwear and her wax strips before heading into the bathroom.

The End

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