Chapter 30.1Mature

Beth sighed with relief as the lesson drew to a close. It had felt as if it had dragged on for hours. She was definitely grateful for the free period she had next, and that she shared it with Emily.

As she gathered her things together, someone brushed her arm lightly. She looked up and saw Catalin there, looking as worried as Beth had felt the previous night.

“Is he okay?” she whispered quietly. The noise only just registered in Beth’s ears.

“He is now,” she nodded.

Catalin’s breath was released in a long sigh. “We got a message from the brotherhood, but no news other than he’d been attacked.”

“He came back early this morning, about five.”

“Well that’s good to hear. And he’s definitely okay?”

Beth smiled. “He’s taking me out to dinner tonight.”

“And I can guess what’s happening afterwards,” Catalin said with a slightly chuckle that made Beth go bright red. “If he’s well enough for all that, he’s definitely okay then.”

“That’s pretty much what he said to me this morning. He was out cold when I left.”

“That’ll be all the drugs,” Cat nodded. “Much stronger than your normal human ones. Now, I’d best be off to Geography. Give Robert my love, will you?”

Beth’s eyes widened slightly but she nodded nevertheless. Catalin hurried out of the room, and Beth was ushered out by Emily.

The two of them walked in silence to the library and didn’t say a word until they were sat in the quietest corner upstairs.

“What happened?” Emily whispered.

“All he’ll tell me is he was attacked by a group of vampires that had meningitis,” Beth replied.

“Well that’s certainly not good.”

“And...” Beth swallowed the lump swelling in her throat, telling herself that he was okay now. “And his heart crashed twice, and they operated on most of his internal organs.”

“Shit, it must have been bad,” Emily muttered.

Beth just nodded and took a shaky breath. “This morning, he was holding me in bed and I feel all his new scars.” She couldn’t help the tears that started to fall.

Emily said nothing as she pulled her chair closer to Beth’s and just held her in a hug. Beth did nothing to stop the tears falling, simply sobbing quietly. She didn’t know how long she stayed in Emily’s arms.

“Beth? What on earth’s the matter?” asked a worried female voice.

Beth looked up and saw, through watery eyes, her old form tutor. Beth couldn’t talk, her throat choked by the tears that were falling down her cheeks.

“She’s okay, Miss Lansdale,” Emily said for her. “Her boyfriend’s just come out of hospital this morning.”

“What are you doing in school then, Beth? You should be with him. Shall I call your parents and ask them to come and pick you up?”

Beth shook her head viciously and took a deep breath. “He’s okay; he’s just sleeping the drugs off. I moved out of my parents’ house anyway.”

“Oh? When was that?”

“Last Friday, after the ball.”

“Where did you go?”

“I moved in with my boyfriend.”

The End

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