Chapter 29.4Mature

“Beth, I’m only going to sleep all day. You’ll be pretty bored. Besides, we have a table reservation for eight tonight.”


“It’s a surprise,” he grinned. “And after that, I do believe we’ll be quite busy back here.” Beth frowned and his grin fell. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay for that?” she asked quietly.

He rolled his eyes. “Beth, if I’m okay now, I’ll be okay tonight. Trust me. Now, sleep with me for another two hours before you need to leave. You’ll have to drive yourself to school today, seeing as I’m not allowed to, under doctor’s orders. The keys are in the kitchen.”


Robert sat up and shrugged off his jacket before lying back down, dropping the leather on the floor. Kissing his lips and moving closer to him, Beth pulled the covers right up to her chin and instantly found comfort. Through the thin fabric of his t-shirt, she could feel the scars from his recent operations. She sighed let herself fall into the abyss of unconsciousness.


When the alarm went off Beth could still feel Robert wrapped around her. She crawled out of his embrace and sat up on the bed. He was fast asleep, no doubt due to all the painkillers and anaesthesia he’d been filled with. She smiled and went into the bathroom.

The shower Beth ran was definitely much hotter than she would usually have it, but she needed the heat to get rid of the tension in her muscles. She stood under the torrents of water, the water running over her skin. When she got out, she felt much better, but the effect only lasted a matter of seconds when she realised she’d spent too long in the shower.

Dressing quickly, practically throwing the clothes on, she briefly glanced at Robert and paused for a moment. He hadn’t moved an inch and probably wasn’t going to for the next few hours. Beth hurried downstairs, ran into the kitchen, dropped some bread into the toaster and made sure she had all her books.

She’d just found the car keys when the toast popped. She grabbed it and rushed out of the house, not even bothering to butter the toast.

Jumping into the car, she set her bag and toast onto the passenger seat and started up the car. She drove as fast as the speed limit would allow and was only just pulling up when the bell began to ring. She sprinted to her locker, eating the toast on the way. After shoving the books she needed into her bag, she ran to her lesson.

She burst through the door of the history room five minutes late and blushed as she sat down in her seat next to Emily. Everyone was staring at her. She’d never been late for school a day in her life.

With all the necessary books on the desk in front of her, Beth began to take notes down off the board. Emily nudged her slightly and passed her a note.

You okay?

Beth paused before writing back.

Robert got hurt badly. He only came home this morning. I spent too long in the shower.

Emily nodded, promising to talk about it later..


The End

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