Chapter 28.3Mature

Beth stared at her friend, sure she was joking. Emily was telling the truth. She shook her head. Well, at least she had someone she could talk to about everything.

“Are you okay with Robert going hunting?” Emily asked.

Beth nodded. “Yeah.”

Emily studied her for a little while. “You’re telling the truth,” she said, sounding amazed.

“Of course.”

“No wonder he’s marked you,” Emily said, shaking her head in disbelief.

“He’s what?”

“He’s marked you. He didn’t tell you?”

“Clearly not.”

“He’s, um, left his scent on you. As in, majorly. It’s a warning to males of every species to get the hell away from you. It either happens during sleep, or sex. Though, if he did it while he was sleeping, he must have been practically lying on you, it’s that strong.”

“Monday night,” Beth whispered.

“What happened?”

“Robert had a nightmare that I left and when he woke up, he was completely panicked. I managed to calm him down but he slept right beside me all night.”

“That would probably explain it.”

“Emily, how exactly do you know so much about vampires?”

“Oh, well, that will be all the confidential affairs I’ve been meddling in,” she mumbled.

That’s what you were going to be assassinated for?”

“You don’t understand, Beth. I know more about vampires than most vampires do. I’m seen as a threat. The fact that Robert’s told you so much is surprising. Even more so due to the fact that you’re a white witch.”

“How do you know about that?” Beth asked.

“Beth, I’ve known for years.”

Their conversation was cut off when Emily’s mother, Jess, pulled up, gesturing for them to get in the car.



Jess had dropped them off at school the following morning and the day dragged, each hour refusing to give way to the next. When she was finally able to leave, she stepped out into the car park. But the black Lamborghini was nowhere in sight. There was, however, a car that Beth had never seen before, with a badge she didn’t recognise. She did recognise the driver though. Onyx smiled tightly at her as he climbed out.

When she approached him, he said, “Robert’s been... held up. He should be back soon.”

Onyx took the overnight bag from her and put it in the boot of the car. She automatically climbed into the passenger seat. As he shut his door.

“How’s Aaralyn?” she asked, trying to ease the tension.

“She very good, much better, thank you, milady,” he said the words easily.

“You called me ‘milady’, why?” Beth asked.

“It is proper, seeing as you are the mate of my future king.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are his mate; he has marked you,” he said simply, as if it were an everyday thing to say. Which it probably was for him.

“Oh, yes, the marking. There are words to be had about that.”

“He needs someone who will challenge him,” Onyx said, smiling. “Don’t want the power to go to his head.”

The End

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