Chapter 26.3Mature


Robert ran his fingers through her hair.

“Why eighteen?”

“If the female gets pregnant, it’s a very dangerous time and if she isn’t old enough, she isn’t strong enough.”

“Meaning, she’ll die.”


“Does that mean that Alex and Catalin can’t...?” She blushed. Why on earth was she thinking of them?

“It’s not exactly an enforced rule for anyone that isn’t a noble. When a noble breaks the law, all hell breaks loose. When anyone else breaks it, nobody bats an eyelid.”

“Does that bother you?”

“In as much as I value equality. Aneska knows I hate the very idea of becoming king, but when the day comes... I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“Couldn’t you just... change the laws?”

“You mean become a democracy?”

“I guess.”

“Vampiric society has always been autocratic. It’s a tradition more than anything else.”



Lying in bed, Beth woke early in the morning. Through the closed curtains, she could see the sun hadn’t risen yet so why was she awake? The answer was right next to her. Robert was wriggling and writhing under the duvet. He whimpered and Beth noticed his skin was soaked in sweat.

“Robert? Wake up,” she said, just loud enough so that he would usually awaken. He didn’t.

He rolled over and curled into a foetal position, moaning softly. Beth reached out to touch his shoulder. She shook him gently. He groaned and writhed some more. She shook his arm roughly and said his name again, louder this time. When she was finally able to wake him, he gasped loudly and his eyes spun around in his head, utterly confused as to where he was.

When his eyes landed on her, his gaze itself glued to hers. She laid her hand on his chest tenderly, feeling his heart hammering in his body.

Faster than Beth could follow, Robert rolled over so he was kneeling above her. He kissed his way all down her throat, starting at her ear and stopping above her heart. His hands were shaking on her hips. When his lips found hers, she could taste the urgency he was feeling.

“Beth,” he whispered, his voice straining with the echo of desperation. The sound made her heart race even more than it already was.

His fingers hurried down to her underwear and tore it off her. Literally. It shredded in his fingers and he just threw it to the side.

Oh, dear God, she thought. She put her hands on his chest but when he didn’t stop, she shoved him as hard as she could. He seemed to get the message, his fingers shaking on her thighs.

“What about the rules?” she asked quietly, looking up into his panic-stricken eyes.

“Screw the rules,” he murmured.

“No, we wait till my birthday on Friday. Only four more days.”

The End

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