Chapter 26.1Mature

Beth grabbed her school bag from the cupboard and went back into the kitchen to start doing her homework. As she pulled her books out, she sat there, staring at the pile. Did she really have to do it? She certainly didn’t want to.

She began to think about her future. She couldn’t imagine herself without Robert in her life, but she knew that she was eventually going to grow old and die and he would stay the same. Did she really want that? Would he even turn her if she asked? She definitely couldn’t imagine that.

She looked at her books again. She really didn’t feel like doing her work. Not yet. She stood up and walked out of the kitchen. Standing in the hall, she heard Robert laugh at something Onyx said. How did those two know each other? She started towards the stairs but stopped when she heard what Onyx said.

“How have you been?” he asked quietly, sincerely.

Robert paused, thinking. “In control. It isn’t as much a price as I once thought it was.”

“Alright for some, I suppose. You always have been the calm one of the lot of us.”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“Does she live here?” Onyx asked.

“Beth? Yeah, she does.”

“Have you...?”

“She’s not eighteen yet.”

“Oh, I see. Are you going to?”

“She wants to.”

Beth flushed a deep red as she realised the two men were discussing sex.

“I noticed that she’s human...” Onyx trailed.

“What of it?”

“Does Aneska know?”

“Yes, she knows.”

“And she’s okay with her heir being in love with a human?”

“She’s a witch. A white one, at that. But yes, Aneska approves.”

“And what’s with the tension in the air? Even without my abilities, it would be tangible.”

“I honestly don’t know. She’s just... angry. I don’t know what I’ve done. I haven’t pushed it; I don’t want to make it worse. I don’t want her to leave.”

“She probably just having a moment. It’s a female thing, as far as I’ve worked out,” Onyx said, sounding as knowledgeable as he made out.

“Oh? Your whores tell you that?” Robert asked jokingly, turning the conversation away from him.

“I had to escape; Aaralyn’s gone into her fertile period.”

“Oh dear God,” Robert breathed. “I feel for you, I honestly do.”

“I might go and hide at Kaelin’s for the next few days.”

Robert laughed. “You really think he’ll hide you? He’d release your whereabouts to the whole of the aristocracy.”

“You think so?”

“Onyx, I know so. The Duke is a known gossip.”

“Oh, yes, the... incident with Ibby. That was quite amusing. How is she?”

“She’s okay. She thinks it would be a good idea if I took Beth with me on a hunting trip.”

“Surely she’s not that stupid,” Onyx scoffed.

“That’s what I said. She was adamant that it was a perfectly reasonable idea.”

The End

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