Chapter 25.4Mature

She took a deep breath and sat down at the breakfast bar, dropping her head into her hands. She wasn’t really sure why she was this angry, this upset. She wanted to cry and scream at the same time. Everything had just been building up and she’d bottled it up, convincing herself she was happy, and she’d believed it. Her teachers had set all this off by simply doing their job and telling her what to do. She’d felt patronised and it had completely darkened her mood.

She didn’t know how long she sat there for. Seconds? Minute? Hours? The doorbell brought her back to reality. She paused for a moment and it rung again. Robert was being stubborn and not coming down. Then again, she was being stubborn by not talking to him. He’d done nothing to contribute to her mood.

She got up and opened the front door, unsure of what to expect. Whatever she was expecting, however, was not a tall man with blonde hair, short in the black and long in the front, with green eyes and dressed almost completely in leather.

“Yes?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

He seemed shocked to see her, and watched her through hooded eyes for a while. “Is Robert there?” he said eventually.

“Who’s asking?”

“Onyx? That you?” Robert asked as he hurried down the stairs.

“The one and only,” the man grinned.

“Come in,” Robert said, beaming back.

Robert was clearly happy to see the man, but who was he? Beth stepped aside to let the man pass. Wow, she thought. His arms and legs were thick and muscular but he moved with ease. He wore a leather trench coat, leather trousers that clung to his skin, a tight black t-shirt and black military style boots that were designed to kick peoples’ heads in. He was, without a doubt, scary. He was definitely the kind of guy she wouldn’t want to be in a dark alley with. But if Robert trusted him, then she did too.

“So who’s this then?” the man, Onyx, asked. He had a very faint accent. Australian, maybe?

“This is Beth, my...” He looked at her, not finishing his sentence, as if searching for the right word.

“Consort?” Onyx asked, raising an eyebrow and glancing between them.

Robert tipped his head to the side and his eyes watched her, not giving anything away. “Not exactly, but in a way. Girlfriend, more like.”

Onyx glanced at Beth, then his eyes settled back on Robert and he seemed to realise that they were having an argument. If stupidity and stubbornness could be called an argument, and it was her fault.

“I’ll be in the kitchen,” Beth mumbled before walking off.

The two men walked upstairs, talking quietly.

The End

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