Chapter 23.3Mature

There was a quiet noise and Robert got up, leaving the kitchen. He came back a moment later, three envelopes in his hand. He retook his seat opposite her. His eyes were focused on the envelopes as he opened them, leaving Beth with a chance to study him as she returned to eating her pancakes.

His brow creased slightly as he read through the first letter. He pursed his lips as he set it down and opened the second envelope. His expression didn’t change as he scanned through the letter in his hands. He put it down and froze as he saw the third and final envelope. He scowled at it with such a glare that Beth was surprised it didn’t combust. It was dark black and slightly shiny. He picked it up and carried it to the bin, dropping it in.

“Any particular reason you just put that in the rubbish?” Beth asked as he sat back down.

He paused for a moment. “I know who it’s from.”

“Who?” He shook his head. “Robert, who is the letter from?”

“Your brother,” he said at last.

“What? How? Does he know where we are?”

Robert shook his head. “No. It the simplest spell there is, with regards to white magic. You write a letter and burn it over a black candle. It goes to whoever you want it to.”

“Are you not going to read it?”

“Why would I? It’s just going to be demanding me to release you from whatever mind power I’ve used on you. Which I haven’t,” he added hastily.

“Well I want to read it,” Beth said, frowning and crossing her arms.

He sighed and retrieved it. He handed it to her, grimacing. Beth opened it and pulled out the white paper inside.


Give me my sister back. I don’t want to know what you’re doing to her but I will call in the Guild if I have to. I will find you, and I will take revenge if you have hurt Beth in any way whatsoever. Don’t doubt that at all.


“He says he’ll call in the Guild,” Beth said, looking up through her lashes for an explanation as to what the Guild was.

“Bring it on,” Robert scoffed, plucking the letter from Beth’s hands and tearing it up. “A few hunters have never posed much of a problem before, why should they now?”

“Have you never been caught by them?” Beth asked, noticing his cockiness.

He froze and his expression and his eyes turned steely and guarded once again.

“Once,” he said quietly.

Beth knew better than to ask any more questions about it. She reached across and took his hands. His eyes refocused and his expression softened.

“So what are we doing, now that half the day is gone?” he asked, a small smile playing on his lips.



Beth was lying in Robert’s arms on the sofa, dressed in one of his t-shirts, as she had done for the past couple of hours. The television was on, showing some reruns. Outside, afternoon had set in, the sun beginning to dip even more in the sky.

Beth felt Robert kiss her hair and he leant his cheek on her head. Beth sighed contentedly and felt Robert smile.

“Who were the other letters from?” she asked quietly.

The End

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