Chapter 22.2Mature

“Okay, sorry,” he whispered, taking her hands in his. “When I told Rosalyn that I wasn’t particularly fond of her, she—”

“Robert, you called her a crack whore, amongst other things,” Isabella said.

Beth’s eyebrows shot up.

“Well, I’m sorry for telling the truth,” Robert muttered

“No need to apologise, I found her face absolutely hilarious.”

“It was quite amusing,” Robert smiled. “Anyway, she swore that she would kill me and anyone I ever cared about, and that she’d find a very horrible way of doing it.”

“Oh. Can we, like, just go and find her or something? Try and stop her?” Beth asked, looking for any solution.

Both of them shook their heads.

“If we could do that, we would have felt her presence a long time ago,” Isabella said.

There was a quiet noise that Beth could only just hear, but Robert turned towards its source. Daniel was stood in the open balcony doors.

“Did I hear right?” he asked, distressed. “Rosalyn’s here?”

Isabella nodded. “The stupid girl’s come for her revenge for what he said.” She was pointing at Robert.

A small smile pulled at Daniel’s mouth. “Ah, I see.”

“Can I just point out, in my defence, that it was you two that got me drunk?” Robert said.

“I spiked your drink,” Isabella admitted. Robert narrowed his eyes at her. She smiled sheepishly.

“Anyway, what are we going to do now?” Daniel asked.

“Demons have rules. Three notes have to be sent before you can do anything, and then you can’t do anything for a month, minimum. Though, knowing Rosalyn she’ll probably try and scare you a lot.”

“It’s worked,” Beth murmured, causing Isabella’s red eyes to flick to her. Robert’s arm snaked around her waist any pulled her closer.

“Isabella, why don’t you and I go and do some more research?” Daniel asked, glancing at Robert and Beth.

Isabella nodded and stood up. She walked towards Daniel and followed him out of the doors in the form of a bat.

“Why is it that everyone you know can change their form?” Beth murmured against his t-shirt.

“It’s an ability that all eldritch creatures can access. Some are born, or created, with the ability but most of us gain it at some point in life. Or death, however you want to look at it.”

“Can you cheer me up please?” Beth asked quietly.

Robert knew exactly what she meant by that. He lifted her head up and kissed her gently. Her body automatically responded. Her tongue set out in search of his and she pulled herself up, knotting her arms around his neck. Everything was slowly dripping away from her mind as she fell deeper and deeper.

She fumbled about with his tie before managing to undo it and dropping it on the floor. Her hands slid down his chest and started unbuttoning his shirt. As her fingers brushed his skin, her breathing sped up and her fingertips tingled.

The End

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