Chapter 20.4Mature

Beth opened the door and stood there, smiling at Robert, who was dressed in a black tuxedo, a black shirt and a black tie. Robert seemed slightly shocked, looking at Beth with wide eyes.

“Beth... You look even more beautiful than usual,” Robert murmured.

Beth blushed. Robert smiled and took her hand, leading her towards the car. He opened the door for her, and shut it behind her. He got in beside her and kissed her. Beth felt the passion within him and responded immediately.

As the kiss began to increase in intensity, Robert pulled away. “Later,” he promised before turning on the engine and driving towards the school.

When Robert had parked, he got out and opened her door for her. She took his hand as she climbed out of the low car—a difficult feat in high heeled shoes.

Robert put his arm around Beth’s waist as they walked, holding her tight. Beth was suddenly extremely excited.

When they entered, the dance was in full swing, the lights dim and soothing. The music was a waltz, played on piano. It was beautiful, making Beth smile even more. There were couples all around the room, spinning and twirling. Beth giggled as Robert pulled her into his arms and they started dancing. Robert’s hand on her bare back sent tingles through all her muscles. Beth hardly noticed the teachers and the occasional parent wandering around. They were there to make sure nothing happened, that’s what she’d been told anyway.

Beth absolutely loved the music that was played over the speakers. It was all played on a piano and was simple yet astonishing.

“Do you know who composed this?” Beth asked Robert.

Robert’s head tipped slightly, making Beth smile; she loved it when he did that.

“Franz Schubert,” he informed her. “Austrian, nice enough guy.”

“You knew him?”

Robert nodded. Beth giggled as he let her fall into a dip and pulled her back up again. At least one of them knew how to dance.

“Who taught you to dance?” Beth asked.

“My aunt. She was obsessed with ballroom dancing and was adamant I learn how to dance ‘like a proper gentleman of society’. Her words, not mine. I was hopeless at first. But then she caned me and it quickly began to sink in. Angelina was delighted that I was able to accompany her to the summer dances. Awful things.”

“You don’t like dances?” Beth asked curiously.

“It all depends on who you’re with, bellissima. But tonight I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.”

Beth grinned and leant her head on Robert’s chest, sighing contentedly. He kissed her hair and pulled her closer.

The End

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