Chapter 20.2Mature

Beth started to walk into the school, pulling her bag over her shoulder. She grinned and waved at Robert and Daniel. Robert was smiling and stifling a laugh, no doubt at something Daniel had said to him telepathically. Robert waved back and began walking towards the forest. The boundaries of the trees weren’t far from the school playing field. Daniel was hopping beside Robert. She watched as the two of them stepped under the cover of the trees. Half a second later, two birds were flying away, shrieking loudly as they did so.

Beth smiled and headed inside, to the library, where she continued the work she’d started the previous day.



Beth started walking towards Robert’s ultra-expensive sports car. She seriously doubted his judgement at that moment. He must have been crazy to let Beth drive his seemingly new Lamborghini.

Beth shook her head as she sat down in the driver’s seat, dropping her bag onto the passenger seat. Her hands shook slightly as she pushed the start button. She stared at the controls of the car, briefly wondering how the hell Robert drove the thing.

After working out what each thing did – a feat that took almost ten minutes, Beth began to drive. She marvelled at how easy it actually was. It wasn’t long before she was pulling up outside her house. She almost skipped up to the front door, grateful that she hadn’t crashed. As she stepped over the threshold, she saw her name on an envelope. She picked up the off-white envelope and stared at it for a moment.

The name and address was handwritten. The handwriting looked very similar to Robert’s, but with slightly different letter shapes; more slant on some, less so on others.

Beth closed the door and walked upstairs, glad that no one was home yet; both her parents were still at work and Jack was at some sort of afterschool program. Beth placed the letter down on her desk and emptied her bag of the homework she hadn’t done over the past week.

She sat down at her desk and opened the envelope carefully, wondering who could have sent it.


Dear Beth,

It’s so nice to finally write to the girl that’s stolen Robert’s heart. I had to ask him permission to write to you, you know? It’s obvious that he loves you very much. There aren’t many women that I would deem suitable, or good enough, for Robert but I’m happy to say that you’re one of them. That man is everything to me: my brother, my father, my uncle, my saviour, my demise. I am genuinely sorry for being responsible for the death of your grandfather, but I love Robert and I would do anything for him.

Robert has helped me through every moment I’ve known him. He taught me to read, to write, he taught me how to speak properly. He saved me from my mother and took on the consequences of it. Take care of him for me.

Yours sincerely,



Beth marvelled at the letter that Isabella had sent her. She’d had to ask permission from Robert? What exactly had Robert done to save Isabella from her mother? And what were the consequences?

Beth shook her head. She’d have to ask Robert to answer all of the questions buzzing through her mind. She folded the letter up and slipped it back into the envelope. She dropped it into the drawer of the desk and started on the mountain of homework she had.

The End

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