Chapter 19.1Mature

Beth tried to picture the woman in her head. Another vampire? Another witch? Another... whatever Daniel was?

“She’s a demon,” Robert said quietly, answering her silent questions.

Beth froze and tensed. “What?”

“Technically, was a demon; she bought her way out a long time ago.”

Beth didn’t relax one bit. Did he expect her to? No, the look on his face told her. His expression was cautious; he was worried he’d released too much information.

“I’ll leave you to do something relatively productive,” Robert said, standing and kissing her briefly on her lips.

He picked up the note and folded it carefully. It disappeared into his back pocket.

“I’ll pick you up later,” he said, squeezing her hand.

A raven launched itself out of the open window. A black feather floated down to the table. Beth watched the large bird fly away. It was soon joined by a much larger pure white vulture. Beth smiled involuntarily; she was glad to know that Daniel was still around.

Beth picked up the black feather, stroking it gently before putting it into the side pocket of her bag and pulling out some work to do.



Finally the day was over and Beth was walking out of school, alone for the first time in a while. Her face broke out into a grin when she saw Robert leaning against his car. The thoughtful look in his eyes was intriguing.

Beth threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. She could tell she’d shocked him, pulling him out of some sort of reverie; he hadn’t even noticed her approach. He curled his arms around her waist though, and pulled her closer. Beth could feel his lean, muscular torso through his thin t-shirt.

“Well, that was a pleasant surprise, Miss Stuart,” he breathed against her lips when he pulled away. “But I’ll have to remind you that we are in your school car park, and your ex seems to be glaring at us.”

Beth pretended to pout but found herself laughing. She kissed him quickly and let him open the passenger door for her. She climbed in and the door closed behind her. Robert was sat beside her within moment, doing up his harness. Beth had already done the same and had placed her bag between her legs.

Robert pulled out of the car park and drove away. Jack was glaring at her from where he was walking beside his best friend Ben. That reminded her...

“Jack knows about vampires,” Beth said quietly.

After a short pause, Robert responded. “I know.”

“What do you mean, you know?” Her eyes narrowed.

“I know that he knows about vampires, and that he’s planning to kill me.”

“Well, that saves time then. But, how does he know?”

“Your mother.”

“My mum? How does she know?”

Robert’s eyes glanced at her. He was wondering whether he should divulge the information or not.

“Both her parents were vampire hunters,” he said at last.

“And how do you know that?” she asked suspiciously.

“I’ve met them.” His fingers automatically moved to massage that spot just below his collarbone.

The End

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