Chapter 18.3Mature

Beth got out and walked into school, only half noticing the people staring at her. When she did notice, she thought there was something wrong with her hair or something. Then she realised that it was because they’d seen her with someone that wasn’t Alex, and everyone had thought the two of them would stay together forever.

Beth opened her locker and saw another note sat on top of her books.

So you’ve finally chosen?

Beth felt all her happiness drain away, leaving only uncertainty and fear. This creature was a demon, and it needed her for something. So why didn’t it just take her? Why all the notes, the need to scare her? What did that accomplish? She stuffed the note into her pocket to show Robert later.

Grabbing her books and shoving them into her bag, Beth hurried to her first lesson: Spanish. She was dreading seeing Alex, especially now that she knew what he’d accused Robert of doing.

She sat down at the desk and had just got her stuff out as the teacher, Señora Jimenez, walked in and started the lesson. Catalin and Alex hurried into the room, late. Catalin grinned at her in her usual fashion but Alex simply ignored her. It gave her an opportunity to study the extent of his injuries. He had a black eye, a slit lip and his nose was slightly swollen and had some sort of bandage over it. It was bad. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt so Beth couldn’t see anything else, though he walked with a slight limp.

There were a few people in the room who stared at him in shock—Señora Jimenez was one of them. Very few people noticed the hostility and tension between Alex and Beth though, for which she was grateful. Catalin sat between the two of them, where Alex would usually sit. Beth imagined that Catalin knew what Alex had said to Robert the previous night. Beth felt Cat’s hand slip into hers and squeeze reassuringly. Beth smiled to show her she was okay.

The lesson started as usual. Beth was struggling though; she’d not really listened to a thing Señora Jimenez had said since September because she’d had Alex. Today, Catalin helped her instead. Cat seemed to be completely ignoring her brother, to the best of her ability—which was more than adequate.

After Beth had practically floundered through her lesson, she hurried out of the room, thankful that she now had a free period. She began her journey to the library.

“Beth,” Alex said behind her, gently holding her elbow to stop her.

She pulled her arm away from him and turned around, glaring.

“What?” she snapped, momentarily surprising him before he regained his composure.

“I wanted to apologise for last night,” he said, hushed

“It’s not me you should be apologising to,” she hissed.

He was briefly confused but he quickly realised she was talking about Robert. His face took on a scowl.

“He’s wounded, Alex. I’m wounded. I can’t believe you accused him of sexually harassing me. Until you apologise to him, and mean it, leave me alone.”

The End

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