Chapter 16.3Mature

Beth walked further into the area that she assumed was a living room. She liked the way the staircase led straight into it. She sat on the sofa and Robert sat beside her. He drew swirling lines on her knee with his finger. Beth closed her eyes and sighed internally; she wanted him to kiss her, to wipe away all her thoughts about choosing between him and Alex.

And he did. His lips brushed hers gently but the contact was enough to spark the passion that they both felt for each other. Beth heard herself murmur something, but what it was, she didn’t know.

The next thing she did know was that she was lying on her back on a bed, still kissing Robert. She only vaguely realised they were both topless. When did that happen? At least she still had her bra on. She put her hand against Robert’s chest and he understood that she wanted this to stop. He pulled away from her and she sat up, pulling her knees to her chest.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently.

“How did we get in here?” she asked, ignoring his question.

“You asked me to bring you to the bedroom,” he answered, raising an eyebrow. “Not in quite so many words though.”

“Oh,” Beth blushed. “I’m tired.”

“Okay. You can sleep in here,” he whispered.

“Stay with me?” she asked.

Robert smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

Beth crawled under the duvet and felt Robert do the same. She could feel his skin against her own and the familiar tingle that accompanied it. He landed a kiss on her shoulder and stroked her side.

“Goodnight, Beth,” he whispered against her skin, making her shiver.

“Goodnight, Robert,” she whispered back before falling asleep.

The End

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