Chapter 16.2Mature

Beth felt a bubble of excitement in her chest. If it had been anyone other than Robert, Beth would have been scared of going to his house alone but she knew that Robert would never make her do anything she didn’t want to do.

It wasn’t long before Robert was pulling up into the driveway of a house that stood alone, surrounded by fields. In the darkness, Beth could just about make out the outline of the motorbike a few metres away.

Robert was getting out of the car so Beth did too. Walking round to stand next to him, she looked at the house, lit by the dim moonlight.

The house was probably one of the most modern styles Beth had seen in the town. It was fairly huge and fairly box-like, with windows that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. It was amazing.

“Wow,” Beth said.

Robert smiled at her and took hold of her hand again, leading her to the door. The interior of the house of the house was just as amazing as the exterior.

Beth had imagined everything to be black, with the way that Robert dressed, but it wasn’t. There was a perfect mix of black and white, without many other colours. The floor was made up of black and white linoleum tiles. The walls were simply painted white.

The sweeping spiral staircase was the only thing Beth could see that wasn’t either white or black. The light coloured wood was beautiful, and the handrail was intricately carved. There were three doors. One led to the kitchen – which was also black and white – and the other to a library of some sort.

Robert took her coat and went to the closed door. When he opened it, Beth saw it was a cupboard. Robert hung her coat on a hook in the cupboard and hung his own beside it. He kicked his shoes off so Beth followed suit. She noticed there were other shoes in the cupboard, as well as other coats, all a woman’s.

“Ah, bonsoir, monsieur,” said a female voice from the top of the stairs.

The woman walked down the staircase, dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Bonjour, Collette,” Robert said, smiling at her in a friendly manner. At least French was a language Beth could understand fairly well.

“I’ve just finished. Alicia’s already gone,” the woman said in French.

“Thank you. See you tomorrow,” Robert replied in the same language.

Robert led Beth upstairs as Collette was leaving. Sat in the middle of the room was a leather sofa, facing a fireplace and a large wall-mounted TV. There were four doors up here, all of which were closed. There was a black cat lying on the rug in front of the dying fire. The cat looked up at them and meowed. It jumped up and ran over to Robert, rubbing itself against his leg. He just stepped over it.

“Don’t mind the cat,” Robert said to Beth, “she’s crazy.”

Beth laughed. “You have a really nice house.”

“Why, thank you, carissima,” he said.

The End

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