Chapter 13.3Mature

Robert led her towards the apple tree. Beth raised an eyebrow but Robert just smiled. He lifted himself into the tree easily, reminding Beth of just how strong and agile he was. He held out his hand to Beth but she just rolled her eyes and climbed up herself. Robert’s smile turned into a grin and Beth felt her heart skip. She followed him through the tree until they reached the brick wall that marked the end of the garden. Robert stopped there, waiting for Beth, crouching as he had done when she’d gone looking for him in the forest.

“You like trees, don’t you?” she asked as she reached him.

“As do all vampires, principessa. Perfect vantage point for swooping down on prey.” He didn’t say it as a joke, he was being serious.

Robert stepped off the branch, onto the wall and jumped down out of sight. Beth followed and sat on the wall, edging her way off, landing easily on the footpath. It had been years since she’d snuck out this way. It instilled a feeling of excitement in her.

Robert smiled at her and began to lead her away. Beth pulled on his arm, stopping him. He turned around, worried.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she said truthfully. “It’s just...”

Beth bit her lip and looked down at the floor. Robert tipped her chin up gently. Beth looked into his dark eyes, realising for the first time that they were brown, not black. Then Robert was kissing her and everything seemed to slot into place.

Beth hooked her fingers through the belt loops of Robert’s jeans and pulled him closer to her. Beth was backed against the wall. She was fixed between the bricks at her back and Robert’s lean, muscular body pressed against her.

She opened her mouth slightly wider, letting Robert run his tongue along hers. He twisted her hair around the fingers of his right hand while running the nails of his other hand along the back of her thigh repeatedly.

Every breath she took was faster, shallower, and she was beginning to feel lightheaded from the pleasure she felt deep inside her and the lack of oxygen.

Robert still felt like a caged animal, dying to get out. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into her. She’d never realised how much taller than her he was, six inches at least.

Someone cleared their throat and Beth momentarily panicked, thinking it was Alex. Robert pulled away from her, but didn’t move his hands from where they were at her head and thigh. Beth’s panic was eased when she saw it was only Mrs Thompson, the elderly lady from next door, carrying her shopping home.

The End

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